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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • February 15, 2016 in Columnists

    Hillary! WTF?!?!?

    What the hell are you thinking?

    Courtesy of NBC News

    Courtesy of NBC News

    Sending Albright and Steinem out to castigate women for not supporting another woman? “Going to hell?” And sending hubby out to complain about you being “picked on”?


    (If you can read “feline”, you now know that my cat, Zorro, just agreed with me!)

    It is 2016, over a hundred years since women were finally allowed to vote and you and your people just played the GENDER card AND the “picked-on card?”

    Now, you are starting to parade out a series of African-American legends to tell people how “black” you have been all these years and reminding people that Bill used to refer to himself as “the first Black president?”


    Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republicans!” applies to us Democrats, too, lest we lose the White House!

    You are in trouble. You are feeling the Bern on the back of your neck — or maybe it’s wind Bern or sun Bern! I get it…

    The State Department email kerfuffle is horribly unfair, given what we have known for a long time about Colin Powell, and, more recently, about Condoleezza Rice.

    That’s politics, with the same typical bias and distortion over Democratic scandals that has existed for years. Allow me to remind you of pervert Senators David Vitter and Larry Craig. Somehow, the party that thinks it has God firmly on its side allows boys to be boys.

    However, go after Powell and Rice! Drag them into the pit, call them out of “retirement” and broil them! Talk non-specifically about the double standard, the false outrage, the attitude that this has never been done before!

    It looks like the text of the speeches to Wall Street firms will, in all or part, be made public. Shame on you for being gullible and thinking that ANY speech you give is to a “safe” audience. When the young people and minorities that you count on for support read what you said, you are likely, at least for now, to be toast — plain and simple and it is self-inflicted.

    In the meantime, compete with The Bern, but no goddamn eviscerating each other! Call him. Get together. Set up some ground rules.

    Yes, it is well-beyond the time we should have had a woman president and you have been our best hope for a very long time. Now, you have Elizabeth Warren in your shadow, knocking on your door, right next to the Bern — and, maybe, to a lesser extent, Washington’s two senators, as well.

    Ask yourself, “WHY IS THAT?” The presidency was sitting there on a platter for you, along the yellow-brick road — what happened?

    LEARN FROM BERNIE AND ELIZABETH, and slowly downshift — you have a hill to climb and changing gears is mandatory.

    You will likely win South Carolina by a wide margin, but the road is snowy and icy, after that — salt the road!

    We can only help you if you help yourself! If the last two weeks have been your idea, STOP! If it has been advice you have been given, CHANGE ADVISORS!

    Yes, fight — but not Bernie. Go after the misogynist Trump! Go after Cruz! Use what they have given you and there is plenty of ammunition! Throw the stuff Cruz said about Obama’s birthplace in the Canadian’s face, but do it cleverly!

    No, it is not over. There is a chance you can recover and your blind supporters will not abandon you, no matter what.

    New Hampshire is not the disaster that is being portrayed. Of course, Bernie did well there. New Hampshire has always danced to a different tune and it is right next to Vermont, where they love and respect the man immensely.

    You are down, but not out — so far. Get your act together.

    John Lewis says he has never met Bernie, never seen him march for minority rights, but the pictures on Facebook say otherwise. People rising to your defense MUST be accurate and truthful.

    Above all, you, Bernie, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren must emerge from this contest unbattered by teammates!

    When Obama came out of nowhere and beat you, you got be SecState. What if it happens to you again?

    Bernie is 76 years old — how about you being Vice-President and Bernie serving one term? The two of you would be unbeatable. In four years, Bernie retires and you and Elizabeth form the first female one-two punch in American history.

    This is not about any of you as individuals — it is about the future of the country. Will we be moving forward, keeping our momentum — or going backwards?

    I hope you can remember “Profiles in Courage” from memory, without looking it up, particularly the story of Edmund Ross. He was the deciding vote on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson — and was destined for ridicule for voting his conscience, for doing the right thing for his country.

    And remember this? “Ask not what your country can do for you; rather, ask what you can do for your country.”

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