• I call bullshit on Roger Mahoney

    Dear Roger Mahoney,

    According to the Los Angeles Times, you insist that you tried your best to deal with the priest molestation scandal but fell short because not enough was known about the problem early in your career.

    In response to your being stripped of any public role in the Catholic church, you said, “Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem. In two years spent in graduate school earning a master’s degree in social work, no textbook and no lecture ever referred to the sexual abuse of children.”

    Let me be brutally blunt.

    You sir, are completely full of shit. You do not deserve one bit of respect that you once held within the Catholic church. Do you really believe you weren’t equipped to deal with sexual abuse of children at the hands of adults? Or are your delusions of grandeur so titanic that you think people will actually believe an excuse that qualifies as one of the most pathetic ever concocted? Remember, many of us are not inclined to believe in a judgmental God with prickish tendencies, tempting though it might be to hope some God will force you to spend eternity with various things shoved where the sun don’t shine. Many of us believe in another far-fetched notion called personal accountability. It seems from your statement that you do not possess such a value system because the church never gave you the formal training.

    But why beat around the bush? Let me tell you how I really feel.

    Am I supposed to believe that after decades of telling people the difference between right and wrong you were not equipped to understand when a priest was causing emotional and physical harm to a child? I suppose that at no time during your career as a priest rising up to Cardinal you never once wrote or delivered a sermon illustrating the virtues of decent behavior? You never heard one of your peers preach any such diatribe to a congregation? You have no knowledge of a code of ethics? Commandments? Anything? Bueller?

    That’s fucking bullshit.

    You should have been more equipped than 99 percent of the world to know the difference between moral and immoral behavior. Wasn’t your whole life based on a book that supposedly teaches the value of loving and respecting your fellow man as the path to eternal salvation?

    I guess your version of religion is more Orwellian. Some people, also known as priests, get to live above the rules of common decency, just as the pigs in Animal Farm eventually split from the other animals and lived by a different set of rules.

    You weren’t equipped? Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

    According to the thousands of pages released, widespread sexual abuse of children by priests was well-known, well-documented and well-hidden. One outrageous example involves Father Jose I. Igarte, who, according to a child he abused, placed his hand on the child’s forehead and gave him a prayer of absolution – as if the child had done something wrong! The hubris it takes to violate a child and then make that child feel responsible for the action is beyond belief. But evidently not beyond the tenets of your faith.

    I must ask you Roger, what sort of formal training do you think you required to look at that situation and see it as a complete perversion of power? Because I can tell you, I have no formal training and I see it as being completely criminal and deviant.

    In those recently released files, there are accounts of priests making sexual advances on eighth grade girls and a host of other acts that require no doctorate degree to determine as sick.

    Alas, you want us to believe you are but one of the victims in this scandal because you did not have formal training in how to deal with the issues.

    Let me tell you how you deal with problems like that, since you seem to be completely out of touch with what it means to be a human with a real conscience. You stand up. You bring it to the attention of someone who is qualified or can stop the criminal act. You protect those who cannot defend themselves. And most of all, you don’t let it go on for decades.

    Just think, Roger, I figured all that out by myself. Without any real training. And the biggest irony is I developed this ability to determine right from wrong without being a member of your organized religion. I did it without pious, self-righteous, two-faced weasels standing in front of me every week, telling me that I am a sinner while they are forcing children to perform oral sex and jack them off.

    You can spend the rest of your life proclaiming you were a beacon of good for millions. And I suppose some of those blind followers of yours will hold that image of you in their head. But most of us see through the thinly veiled excuse and pathetic attempt to alleviate yourself from accountability. Now that the lights are on, it’s evident you used those fancy robes and religious ceremonies the way a carnival magician might use three walnut shells and a pea to fool the unsuspecting. You are nothing more than a con man, who upon being exposed as a cheat, blames everyone else for his actions.

    There’s one thing I can say for you, Roger. You make me hope I am wrong and that the afterlife you believe in does exist. If it does, I hope you enjoy the eternal torture for the part you played in the decades long abuse of children.

    If fact, I have a great idea… why don’t you just go straight to hell right now.

    • Bravo. What an idiot to even say the statements he made. Makes him look even worse if that is possible. Hell for him would be a blessing, he deserves much worse.

      • Maya North

      • February 3, 2013 at 4:26 pm
      • Reply

      One of the most delicious pieces of excoriation I’ve ever read. Bravo! Bravissimo! And when he goes to Hell, perhaps whatever runs that place will make sure he understands what those children endured from a personal perspective. Nana Bear would very much like to witness it…

    • Amen Brutha. What a coward. He deserves the same treatment all the young, innocents received.

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