• author
    • Heather Alani

    • April 23, 2015 in Columnists

    I cannot save you. You cannot save me.



    Perfection we can never achieve

    as perfectly imperfect

    was each of our own marked


    All of our days
    we toil beneath the sun
    to discover
    the truth
    the purpose
    the answer
    to our love
    our anguish
    our life.

    I cannot save you.
    You cannot save me.

    Our seed begins the journey new
    our truths we sought so hard to find
    can only be discovered by the young
    with time.

    Our journey’s only purpose
    was the discovery of self.
    Simply to discover
    we MUST

    forgive our own imperfect self.

    Remembering daily
    to connect with love
    It is not I.
    It is not you.
    We are the roots
    that form we.

    These roots form our family tree
    They must create a foundation
    that cannot bend or blow

    Fore it is only then within
    our tree.

    Our life

    will flourish and grow.

    -Heather Alani



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