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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • August 18, 2015 in Columnists

    I don’t love freedom and liberty — I love people and their right to a block party

    Whenever I turn on C-SPAN or some other important media outlet of political thought, the words freedom and liberty are always used constantly. And when I speak to right-wing friends and suggest a program or some sort of collective action to solve a problem, the same rhetorical retort is used.

    Matt, don’t you love liberty and freedom.

    I don’t love liberty and freedom if that means someone has to starve to death for your freedom and liberty. Oh, the game is afoot now.

    People tend to forget that liberty and freedom come at a price. Libertarians and other right-wing conservative liberals always forget this point. You want to have a Second Amendment, well, someone gets hurt. You want freedom of thought and speech, well, someone will use gay slurs. You want to have state’s rights, some state governments are going to be total assholes.

    The nastier part of my thesis is not only do you have to pay for freedom but you also must be scared of the tyranny of someone else’s liberty. The government gives liberty to its citizens to bear arms. Again, that greatly expands the potential for crazy people to go into movie theaters and kill as many as possible.

    Sandy Hook Elementary school is the awful price we pay for freedom and liberty. We give freedom to Google to move across the planet so they can avoid doing their patriotic duty and pay their fair share of taxes. Burger King also followed suit although if all Burger Kings moved out of America they wouldn’t be missed.


    Rules and regulations are important, however, I also understand how burdensome regulations could be to businesses and our lives. I totally understand that point. Can we live in the world where we have minimum government but also protect ourselves against our enemies foreign and domestic?

    Oathkeepers courtesy NPR.orgAmerica’s enemies aren’t Iran, ISIS and China. They don’t keep me up at night. Who keeps me up at night? Donald Trump, hedgefund managers and The Oath Keepers. Where is my freedom and liberty from people who think everyone should just work service jobs so rich people don’t have to do anything or feel anything close to human empathy?

    Can’t we have the freedom and liberty to love other people? I’m not saying we all get together, hold hands, and sing gospel tunes. You don’t have to like me and more than likely I may find you annoying. However, I don’t want you to starve.

    I don’t want you to starve or die from exposure because you don’t have heat in your home. I don’t want you to die from thirst because your state doesn’t have water. I don’t get it — we have global wi-fi internet connection but we can’t get a sandwich to the guy starving down the street?

    “Freedom and liberty” has to mean something — it’s not just an empty phrase you can use to try to shame someone in a debate. You also have to ask freedom and liberty from what.

    Is there freedom from poverty? Is there liberation from sexism and classism? May I have liberty from banks and investors who keep Michael Jordan dunking on us when they wreck the economy? Millennials, Michael Jordan was a … nevermind… I’m not going to explain the ’90s to you guys.

    Never-f’ing-mind, I’m too tired to get into it.

    I want to talk about food, books, Nerf guns, good music, and mutual love for one another in terms of solidarity and co-operation. Democracy isn’t voting — democracy is taking to the streets in Ferguson because you think the police are unfair to a community. Democracy is people getting together not to vote for a bad haircut like Donald Trump or vote for a woman who cannot be trusted to follow any sort of rules like Hillary Clinton.

    I don’t need them. I want freedom and liberty from those assholes! I am pro-democracy! I am pro-block parties and purple drank!

    Akrika Bambaataa courtesy of hiphoplegacies.com

    In my America/world, you have the chance to shake your ass all night to Afrika Bambaattaa and the Zulu Nation. Get Redman, KRS-one, Dre and Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar, and some good ass food up in this piece! Come on, baby! That’s democracy in action! We can still have our wars, just with Nerf guns. And if you loose your war, you get to go home to a warm bed and play Xbox or Skype with a hot guy/lady. You get to live instead of worrying about dying because killer drones are going to drop a bomb on your house.

    Millennials, Afrika Bambaattaa is… NEVERMIND!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or you can even look at cat photos even though I think it’s a waste of time. Point is, I don’t want you to starve.

    Your freedom and liberty is a pipedream. My freedom and liberty is much more Jesus-oriented. Plenty of fishes, loaves, and block-rocking beats.

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