• I love Apple

    by Jesse Loren

    I love Apple, I love Steve Jobs, but the Apple Store is a drag.

    For years, any time I had a Mac problem, I traipsed over to the Arden Fair Mall, parked by Starbucks, entered, went up the escalator by the Black and White store, and turned left to enter Mac Heaven.

    I made an appointment from home, except for when that didn’t work, and in those cases I called. My only non-appointment experience was shopping for iPhone stuff. I found a retro looking aqua phone cover, got in line and bought it. That’s how easy it was.

    I thought it would be that way at all Apple stores.

    Maybe, because I’ve purchased six Macs online and had them delivered and only went to the store for problems, I had a limited idea of what the store could do. On the other hand, when my screen was blitzo after the cat walked across it and my kid had a paper due, it was the Mac Genius that figured out my cat had opened the Universal Access Settings, changed it to black and white cat-vision, and saved the changes with her feet. Little Phoebe was the real Mac Genius.

    I digress.

    Sometimes I want to shake Apple.

    One of the most common problems with all my Macs has been the power cord. I have replaced that item at least once, per computer, to the tune of about $100.00 for each cord. Something is wrong with those cords. They fray at the bend and when they are most needed, they get fussy and stop charging the Mac.

    Knowing this, I had a long road trip and planned an unscheduled visit to the Walnut Creek shopping area. I had been in the car from Winters to Gilroy and on
    my return, stopped at Walnut Creek to shop the Apple for yet another power cord.

    It was packed with other Mac-types geeking-out over the latest iPad. I couldn’t get excited over that. I already had one, and an iPhone, and a MacBook Pro; I just needed a cord. I was there for low hanging fruit. I could have bought it online, but I didn’t. I went in and the Mac dude said I needed to see the wizard and get an appointment to see the Genius… over there. I told him I didn’t want advice; I needed a power cord.

    Mr. semi-Genius, who needed to grow some facial hair, didn’t understand that I had certainly been a Mac user since before his buttocks was slapped into the world.
    In fact, I had the precursor to the SE, the SE, and every lap top afterward; white ones, tangerine ones, metal ones, the alien white desktop Mac too. For sure, I was in Bagdad before he was in his dad’s bag.

    I insisted that he ring me up for a power cord and he insisted that I had to see the Wizard. “I can’t just buy the item I need?” I said, and he said, “No.”

    I was furious.

    I went home and cussed out Mac, shook my fist at Steve Jobs, and vowed to avoid the Apple Store. I ordered what I needed online and am still mad at the Mac order of operations.

    I am sorry that Steve Jobs is sick and stepping down. With no disrespect, I have advice for the new leader. Get a fast lane! That’s right. A fast lane for frequent flyers. The super cool, extra geeky, 40-somethings with busy lives and Mac in their veins, want an opportunity to shop in our surgical strike style without all the itrappings, iappointments and iwaiting.

    Step it up Mac, you had me at Apple!

      • Diane Miller

      • August 31, 2011 at 12:49 pm
      • Reply

      Both my husband and I have had similar experiences at our local store: clueless employees and a total drag to get to someone who knows something. We hate going into the place. But I guess that suits them — apparently they just want to cater to teeny-boppers and skateboarders. Wake up, Apple!!

    • I am glad you said you peace now say it to Apple. Maybe things will change. I use nothing apple except my not used ipod from early on. I have always liked other products but I am not in the graphic field or creative field online that I need only what Apple can offer so I have heard.

    • Want to sell your cat?

      • Judy N

      • August 31, 2011 at 7:06 pm
      • Reply

      I had a good laugh at this and loved the part about the cat! I bought a MAC once, but it had too much attitude, always doing things for me, things I didn’t want! Office is the same way. Only one other person in the world, so far as I know, uses Nota Bene, but it always did want YOU wanted.

      • Jesse

      • August 31, 2011 at 9:14 pm
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      Hey, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Mac. I think it is so much better than sliced bread and even lust. Lust is so fleeting, but my computer is there for the touching! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC. But I feel like a jilted lover when I walk in and can’t get what I want but literally have everything new under the Apple sun. I have aMacLab at school, a 17 inch powerbook, a newer powerbook, my kids two powerbooks, my ipad, my iphone. I wish to hell I had an igardener and maybe an ilifeorganizer, but sheesh, you’d thing they would sell me a power cord without treating me like a serf.
      They need a flipping fast lane for fun, frivolous, no tech items. Maybe I can get an app for that?

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