• Identity crisis

    by Julie Parker

    When I meet you for the first time, I will ask you to tell me five things about yourself –other than employment, relationship, children. Three out of five of you will be stumped for a response.

    To assist you, I will suggest something from your childhood, such as nicknames, favorite games, family vacations, etc. A mental struggle may still ensue.

    You see, most people aren’t used to someone actually being interested in them. They have difficulty wrapping their head around the fact that you truly want to learn who they are, as individuals. They have been trained to respond in nomenclatures – mother, father, wife, husband, grandparent – etc., to the point they have become invisible, even to themselves.

    Society has a tendency to demand structures/categories, for a better mainstream blend. It requires less time and effort.
    I, on the other hand, enjoy discovering a person’s individuality; what sets him or her apart from everyone else. After all, it is virtually impossible for three accountants to be exactly alike.

    So, when I meet you for the first time, try not to become defensive when I begin asking you questions. I genuinely would like to get to know you. Humor me.

    • I am a question asker big time. I am always wanting to know more about the person and I am never surprised at how willing people are to talk about themselves that they feel safe around and who actually listens. Kudos to you and your asking of questions. My nicknames are Magic, Magenta, and my madger. What are yours?

    • Wow… you really followed through on this!

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