• I’m stuck in the name-game

    by Donald K. Sanders

    The name game is something the government does because they think it will make everything all right. They think that we, the American people, are stupid. They think that if they put 58,000 names on a memorial wall we will think that the enemy is at fault. They are hoping that no one reads the Pentagon Papers or its newer counterpart, Wikileaks.

    If you’ve never played the name game, you’re in for a treat, so read on. Just read down the list and when you see someone that’s familiar, you can inject your own information into the game.

    There are a lot of names on the game list that all have played so well, Zywicke is at the bottom, on the top was a guy named Aadland, and half way down is a man named Noah. Among them lie 64 Sanders, nine Shafers, a Febus, a Feck, and a Fee. A Feedler, a Pharr, are above and below a Nunn, a Nutt and a Null. There’s an Obie, an Oats and an Olsen, with a Gob that died in a boat.

    Noonan, Noots, Noto and Nott are full of N’s and O’s. There’s Wessels and Watts, and Xavier, who was the single solitary X. Plenty of Olsens, Allens and Adams, so I can’t complain about that. Alvarez was from Texas — he could throw a ball too hard to catch. Forty-six Wests, seven Easts, a few Norths, and no Souths nor South-South-Easts. A bunch of Wades and plenty of Wells,are with a Valdez that died by himself in a fire.

    Sixty-seven Whites, and about as many Blacks, fly with Finches and Robins while Ozunz and Oxedine walk. Kjos was never found, so he had a birth and a death with no time in between. Jansinski, Ell, and Duncan died at night, out there together in the dark, while Fred Neal drowned in his very own vomit. Five guys — Straw, Ward, Dennison, Prentice and Rayburn — died when their Chinook in the air hit a Huey.

    Quill was run over by a tank but with O’hara it was only an APC. O’Neal got hit by a bullet and Berry got hit by truck. Darrell lost a foot, then a leg, then his life. Wackerfuss, Waddel and Waldscald are with Warmsbrodt in the W’s above the Z’s. Upshaw, Utter, and Utz stay with Urban in the U’s.

    Kaatz, Kaawa and Kabara were knocked to the ground and kant, kant, kant get up to go home. A guy named Meade told me he got married, but I can’t remember how he died or what he looked like. Sisk got a hole in his chest that spit blood onto my face. His chicken-plate would have saved his life if he had worn it instead of sitting on it to save his ass and everything in that area.

    There’s Gold and a Golden and Iron and Steele, and Golda — he was a Jew. Kakak and Kalsu and Kalu couldn’t be found and would fit in one shoe. Koons and Krill and Kent all began with a “K” but Danowski began with a “D.”
    Krist and Kabarra know that the karma is piled up high on me because they think I killed Buddha and my sins are mixed with Faddey’s who killed for pleasure. There’s British and Yanks, and Arab and Jew, and the dinks on the other side.

    I am still here and I’m back on the block, but part of me is with them. Every day I wish I had died and they had a small chance to live, for the best of me belongs with them and the worst of me sleeps in my bed.

    The list of the name-game is long and it is hard where the dead are used for heroin like an envelope is for a letter. Our name-game list is 58,000 strong as it is long but it is an inch when compared to another. Two million to 3,000,000 and onward and upward it went for the Vietnamese in the American War. I can only say, “I’m sorry” but you won’t listen to me. You were so young and faire and handsome but we killed you anyway.

    • You were so young and innocent as well. At least with life there is hope you will one day be glad you are still here and touching so many lives everyday since the war ended. Now if your own war could come to terms with your mind you might find some peace. I hope with all my heart you do.Love you Donald.

    • So glad there’s not one more Sanders on the list.
      You need to forgive yourself, Donald.

      • Judy N

      • June 18, 2012 at 9:38 pm
      • Reply

      You don’t let us forget and that’s a blessing.

      • Kelvin

      • June 24, 2012 at 7:55 pm
      • Reply

      I’m with Debra. I’m glad there’s not another Sanders on that list. If you were on that wall I wouldn’t be reading this right now. i wouldn’t be able to share this with hundreds of Facebook friends. We need to read this. We need to see it. And it may be presumptuous of me to say but I think all of those names on that wall need you here writing this. You had to answer a brutal calling in your youth. And you’re answering another one now. And we need this. Thank you.

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