• Is a good girl hard to find?

    Before I begin my assault, please read this article.

    News flash, women like to have sex.  Ladies have the audacity to like sex without the seal of approval from males.  How dare them!

    What I found troubling about this article is the reference to women being “broken” as if someone just received an Xbox that won’t turn on.  I always find it in bad taste when people talk about potential dates and refer to possible daters as “they have too much baggage.” 

    Well, excuse them for living.

    Is a good girl hard to find?  Absolutely.  However, what a guy deems as a “good girl” varies from guy to guy.  It seems by the author that his definition of a good girl is aimed to the realm of sex, sexuality, and perniciously being sexually controlling.

    Mr Waters wrote, “We live in a very strange world, a world where love is cursed by polygamy, sex has lost its value, and women have changed drastically. From once having morals and respect for themselves, girls are running around now with not a bit of dignity.”

    And I am supposed to high five every guy who just came back from fingering some random woman?  How many erectile dysfunction ads are there when a sporting event is on TV?  How many times does KY jelly promise to spice up your drab sex life? 

    But now, women are all crazy whores without any dignity?  Is it Miley Cyrus’s fault?

    We are still living the great American nightmare: Miley Cyrus’s twerking.

    I want all women to stop reading right here; I want all the men to read the following words very carefully like their lives depended on it.  We need to all get in line and thank Miley Cyrus.

    In our minds, we want all women to be like Miley in the sense of her sexual empowerment.  I know your initial reaction was to call her a whore, unless she was doing it just for you in the privacy of your own bedroom.  Was her twerking really that threatening to us men?  Isn’t that what we desire when we objectify women?

    And yet the ladies are whores?  

    Patriarchy is over with. It’s done.  We cannot try to control women like this anymore.  I don’t think Mr. Waters was fully aware of what he was trying to do in his article besides being a provocateur. 

    Women at the ages of 22, 32, 42, 52, and 62 have mastery and command of their bodies and sexualities.  I am sure a few men’s brains have popped.  We need to get out of this Puritanical approach to sex — it’s largely been more harmful than helpful.

    Women want to experiment and find out more about their female sexuality.  Shouldn’t we as men take a cue from the ladies and do the same? 


    Instead of being obsessed with ladies twerking, having threesomes, being bi-sexual, and so on we have an opportunity to work on ourselves as a gender by simply getting out of the way of women.  Face it guys, we need a bit of a makeover and I am not talking about manscaping or waxing your uni-brow.

    I am talking about what is truly being a man.  How do you achieve manhood without the affirmation of ritualization?  Do we need to constantly be the masters and commanders of the world?  What are the expectations of us and are they fair? 

    In other words, we need to be men and worry less about sexting photos and three way sex.   Stop obsessing trying to find out if the guy who was your cashier is gay and try to find your place in life.

    Personally, I am more attracted to a woman who has more life experience including in her sexual history.  I am about to give you a tip on how to clear that hurdle of asking a woman about her sexual history.   Don’t ask her.

    Guys always want to know the sexual skeletons in a woman’s closet because they think it’s hot.  And when a woman finally has the courage to talk about their sexual history- men freak out and already think she is a whore.  Thanks guys for further promoting a woman’s innate feelings of slut shaming.  Don’t ask a woman about her sexual history if you are afraid of the story about her electrifying some guy’s junk during sex.

    What is more obscene – woman doing a deviant sex act or the man who calls her a whore for doing so? 

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