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    • Donald Sanders

    • January 28, 2016 in Columnists

    It is natural for us to know the truth

    I’ve told you before that I’m in love with everything and everyone because all things are luminous and exquisitely beautiful. Blah, blah, blah, ba-blah! I used to believe that mankind was driven by, motivated by some inner love of the universe. I think sometimes that this still might be the case, but now we are unaware of it. Like zombies, we have no perception of who we really are.

    We are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder but we think we’re at the top. We could be cooperating, but instead we’re competing, city against city, state against state and country against country. It’s this sense of individuality that is the origin of all suffering. As a species, we cannot even solve basic world hunger, the simplest of problems. One out of every three people on Earth does not get enough to eat and more than that lack sufficient clean drinking water.

    Since the beginning of time, man has been driven by greed, necessity, stupidity or fear. When the first glob of molten iron was cast from the first volcano into the arms of the first man, he cast it into a sword to force his will upon others. Of all the things man could imagine, he chose instruments of destruction over instruments of peace and construction. All great achievements accomplished by man were created almost blindly through trial and error, hit and miss. When we are faced with any hindrance that forces us to fall back, we resort to violence. Time after time, over and over we resort to force.

    It is natural for us to know the truth. Each and every one of us has the ability to tell the truth from a lie. Even on a global scale, we can recognize the truth above the false. The false is easier and it suits us better than the truth. Those who are skillful at lies are not obvious. They appear to be simple minded. Those who know the absolute will know the patterns of subtle power and subtle power moves everything — and it has no name.

    We are separated not only by walls and borders but by the color of our skin and our gender. The white population of the Earth may recognize racism but they are unable to experience it, For people of color, it is exactly the opposite, for they are unable to stop experiencing it. Consider the fact that Mexican American are on the other side of privilege for the first time. When Mexican Americans look across the border toward home, they find themselves on the other side of privilege but they have to struggle to find acceptance in a world of abundance.

    In the modern world, the elders have no importance among the young. Even for married couples, aging is complicated, for women feel they are losing their appeal and men sense disappointment in their women. Constant comparison with others leads us to disappointment and the underestimation of ourselves. It’s hard for us to lose our fear of being wrong that leads us to doors that go nowhere.

    Blah, ba-blah, ba-blah, ba-blah. So on and so forth. I now tell you that there is hope after all of this and we all know that hope is better than despair. When we find ourselves in hard times, our true friends will be revealed. In the last few years I have learned that we can rise above everything, not by treading on others but by raising them up. We all make choices and our choices make us.

    Happiness comes from our own actions.

    I have become a lover of women, all women. I get this from my wife Therese, whom I trust with my heart. She know that when I say I’m a lover of women, sex has little to do with the statement. Take a moment and observe my wife and you will find her full of tenderness and compassion. I absolutely adore her and then add in her mother and sisters and this leads me to all women, everywhere. However, men alternate between seeking motherhood and punishing them for being women which explains everything from the sex drive all the way to the invention of the atom bomb. Warfare stems directly from our fear of intimidation of women when extended out from the home to the outside world. At the very same time women create men they love to hate.

    So what the hell do you think about that?

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      • January 28, 2016 at 11:14 pm
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      Great writing Donald.

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