• It’s past time to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

    It appears that maybe, just maybe, we are on the road to repealing Bill Clinton’s horribly ill-conceived Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy governing the personal sex lives of those in the United States military.

    Thousands of well-trained personnel have been booted out, many of them victims of third-person vendettas or witch hunts — despite the fact that they didn’t “tell” a soul!

    Compounding this loss of dedicated, trained military personnel at a time when we need them most, millions of military dollars have been squandered along the way, as well, in the form of investigations and processes.


    POTUS has been criticized on the left for not moving fast enough, and is now being attacked from the right, either for moving too fast or for moving at all.

    The House appears ready to implement the will of the people, where surveys range as high as 80 percent in favor of the repeal of DADT.

    Then there’s the Senate, where the Neanderthals still roam, their knuckles happily dragging along the ground.

    It’s many of The Usual Suspects. McCain. Inhofe. Chambliss. And the rest.

    The Hawks, the Warriors, those whose support and admiration of the United States military and those who serve can never be questioned. Those who are so quick to remind you how they hold our sailors, soldiers, and Marines in such high esteem.


    Well, maybe not…

    What exactly is the message being sent by these paragons of American patriotism? Those who would stubbornly and steadfastly decry that it will be the end of civilization as we know it if gays and lesbians openly serve their country, and perhaps die for it?

    Their real message is that the United States military is comprised of backwards, uneducated, redneck bumpkins incapable of acting as adults while performing their duties alongside folks who are different than they. That somehow our U. S. military personnel lack the class, intelligence, tact, and diplomacy necessary to work in a diverse workforce — a workforce that will be only slightly more diverse than it is now, but will have significantly more integrity.

    Perhaps the worst part of their antiquated message is that our troops do not stack up against some of the finest and oldest military organizations in the world — you know, like Canada, the UK, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands. Somehow, all these countries manage to function with gays and lesbians out of the closet and into the barracks.

    There are even a few surprises in the group: Russia. Colombia. Peru. Brazil. Uruguay. Argentina. South Africa.

    No, those supporters of all things military would instead have you believe that it is somehow better that we continue to discriminate in our own ranks while we fight for freedom around the world, that we should stay in lockstep with the real mainstream countries of the world, the ones we so often hold up as stalwarts of inclusion and civil rights — like Cuba, China, Egypt, the Koreas, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen.

    Now, we find out that the Republicans are prepared to filibuster this aspect of one of the most important Civil Rights issues of our time.

    As things heat up, as this thing evolves, make sure to ask your senators, your congressmen and women, your neighbors, your friends, and your relatives why they have so little faith in the men and women who serve our country- but, not as soldiers, not as sailors, not as Marines.

    As human beings…

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