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    • Amy Ferris

    • January 1, 2015 in Columnists

    It’s the year of YOU

    this is what i know this morning.

    post coffee.
    pre champagne.

    it’s about a new year.

    the year of YOU.

    it’s about kicking-ass.

    it’s about never giving up even when all of life is saying no, you can’t.

    it’s about pushing, moving mountains & shaking the universe until all the goodies fall out all over yousprinkling you with a gracious plenty of awesome.

    it’s about standing in your truth, on your ground, making a ruckus, living life full-out, balls-out without apology or permission.

    it’s about saying yes to the good stuff, no to the bad stuff and maybe to the stuff you’re not sure of and need to think about.

    it’s about going for the best life has to offer & not settling for one fucking thing, not one crumb.

    it’s about giving up the ghost.

    it’s about letting go of the shame & guilt & fear that wasn’t yours to begin with.

    it’s about doing good, doing better, doing YOU, doing love, doing kind, doing what makes you happy without pushing or shoving or discarding anyone, not one soul because happiness is an inside job.

    it’s about grabbing life by the balls & yes, vagina, with every fiber in your being and declaring your worth.

    it’s about shining up.

    it’s about putting on your big-girl panties or big boy boxers and strutting your stuff.

    it’s about wearing your scars like stardust every single day.

    it’s about showing off your magic.

    it’s about showing up for your own life.

    it’s about believing in your own life — every bit of you. every single imperfect messy glorious gorgeous broken cracked spectacular piece of you and loving you like crazy.
    it’s about wearing your life out loud, with pride & joy and a side of “fuck you, you don’t like me, that’s your problem,” attitude.

    it’s about raising the bar, standing on your tippy toes, & reaching for the stars & moon & all the glitters.
    but mostly — mostly — it’s about knowing that you are IT, everything, all that makes the world spin like a 45, all that’s extraordinary & beautiful & awe-inspiring.

    so, go on, go on:
    be the best fucking you that you can be in 2015 — awesome, gorgeous, and oh, so breathtaking — and show the world what you’re made of.

    you are made of magic.





    “you are a magic maker” by Amy Ferris, illustrated by Jenna Stone.

    More of Amy’s “post coffee, pre wine… or champagne” inspiration can be found in her new book, “you are a magic maker,” written by Amy and illustrated by Jenna Stone.

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