• Just a file on a computer

    It has been said by many, well mainly by me, that I have a large brain. This is a known fact and it can be confirmed by all of my closest friends. If we can accept this as a given then we can move on to the point I’m trying to make. It’s not complicated like most of the stuff I think about so even those of limited intelligence will be able to understand. Ready, here it comes?

    We are all just a file on a computer. Some of the files are active but the majority of them are inactive. With the passage of time all of the files will either be sent to some remote storage device that is next to nowhere or simply deleted. Either way, in time, they will be forgotten.

    I guess we shouldn’t feel bad about it for those that came before us, before the computer, were forgotten in a most Riki-tic manner. In the past, a man and his whole life would simply drift into the great void of forgotten memories in just a few generations. His great-great grandson might look at an old picture of him but in reality the person that he was and everything that he did will be gone and it will be gone forever.

    The memories of a few lives have been placed on the written pages of books in the hope of being remembered for eternity or at least until the time when man is no more upon this Earth. That was the thought or reasoning behind the writing of books, for most anyway. There are piles and piles of books being destroyed every day, every month, every year. A fortunate few are being copied to computers.

    For a thousand years books were the highest technology of the day. At the start only a few could communicate with books because relatively few knew how to read. Early books were a luxury only a few could enjoy until the advent of the printing press and even then it was technology that was slow to spread. Books, in the beginning were mainly concerned with religion, or someone’s interpretation of it.

    Books are unreliable for the most part, including the Bible. Scholars contend that during the Middle Ages and on to the Spanish Inquisition much of how the Bible is interpreted was changed to suit the leaders of the day. Jesus Christ became blond with blue eyes and for a Jew of that day that would be nothing less than a miracle.

    In the end it is of no consequence whether books on religion are true or not. A thousand years from now I don’t think the technology of today will have survived anyway. We will be at war with each other over whatever natural resources are left and those with the most weapons will reign over those with none. I can just about guarantee that with the passage of time each and every one of us will no longer be in the memory of anyone or anything. We will be lost.

    After all a thousand years is a long enough time for more than one catastrophe to fall upon the Earth and it wouldn’t take much to knock us back into the Stone Age. With a new stone age the computer and all of its files and folders will be useless and any information within will be lost forever. I think you will agree that only the fortunate few that are living today will be remembered by anyone a thousand years from now. The only thing to mark our existence will be the garbage we leave behind.

    Our lives will be washed away like footprints on the beach.

    • Donald, okay this was depressing. I hope your large brain calms down and thinks joyful thoughts for the rest of the day.

      • Maya North

      • March 21, 2013 at 8:19 pm
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      I have a granddaughter and thus, the idea of a dystopian future is deeply distressing. It’s hard enough that she’ll fully experience the consequences of climate change. Her children will still be my great loves–and their children and theirs… Rather than be resigned to it all, we must fight ever harder for Tikkun Olam…

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