• All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

    …couldn’t put Trumpty together again. Period.

    Graphic by Nationalpost.com

    We have heard much about new starts, turning a new page. Many political observers have suggested the shutting down of his Twitter account, and/or making a sweep of the staff and getting some much better people around him.

    Quite simply, and emphatically, it’s not going to happen.

    This is nothing but a long-running publicity stunt, one that’s gone horribly awry. Today of all days, it’s the worst April Fools’ Day joke ever played on this fine country. Now, he’s forever a political joke, a stain on that noble office that even decades will not heal, will not soften.

    Sean Spicer is a joke, and is, perhaps through no fault of his own, more of a puppet, or a dummy, than Charlie McCarthy ever was. He looks very uncomfortable up there, perhaps because of the questions he is asked, and the inconsistent answers he gives, but more likely it’s hard to be comfortable with Trump’s hand up one’s ass.

    The conflicting reports and accusations about Russia, and Russian interference, are likewise a joke, making Watergate look like an Academy Award performance for Best Acting, and the Trumpsters look like the winners for the Worst Documentary in history.

    We now know that “Nunes went to the White House to brief them,” bypassing his fellow committee members, right?

    Well, it turns out he w s the one briefed, by the White House — with lies about how the Obama administration wiretapped the Trump campaign. And we now also know that the Obama White House kept records, and took copies with them when they left so they couldn’t be destroyed.

    Nunes is another one who can look very comfortable with Trump’s hand up his arse.

    Trump keeps running amok on Twitter, proclaiming his innocence, and railing against the fake news, the failing New York Times and Washington Post — they all hate him, they are plotting against him.

    Now, General Michael Flynn has offered to testify before Congress if he gets immunity. Congress is balking at that, at least for now, which is understandable — maybe?

    Is the GOP balking because they do not want to give immunity yet? Maybe. However, it’s much more likely that they’re balking because they don’t want to hear the truth about the two guys at the top, right? No immunity, no testimony — from the guy once very close to the president, the one most likely to shake the very foundation of this House of Cards.

    Trump innocent? Prove it. Pardon Michael Flynn. Today. Tomorrow. If you are innocent, and really want the truth, just do it. It won’t happen, though, because, of course, he’s guilty, he and Pence both.

    The worst part of all this hyperbole, all this misdirection, all this puppeteering, is that it’s overshadowing the rape of the environment underway through the repeal of so many of Obama’s environmental protection orders.

    Clean coal. That’s synonymous with “mild cancer.” He’s an environmental pariah, a chupacabra of the first order.

    Drilling in pristine areas. Getting rid of emissions rules.

    We’re paying for the wall.

    He wants to throw another $54 billion at the greatest military force ever assembled.

    “Domestic” pipe for the oil pipelines is flowing into our ports from overseas. He has exempted the greatest terror source in the world, Saudi Arabia, from his travel ban Executive Order.

    I am ready for the nightmare to end.

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