• Let them eat cake and die

    by Jesse Loren

    People should be responsible for their own actions. If they have sex, they should have babies and viruses. Nobody should have to pay for their choices. Also, if they want to sex it up, insurance shouldn’t have to pay for their birth control. Why make other people’s premiums go up?

    The far right opines about personal responsibility and punitive consequences for actions, especially if those actions involve a uterus. The far right might say they are for personal responsibility, but if they were, they would be inclusive of all medical conditions that are the result of choices.

    What if the far right fumed for personal responsibility of other organs? Logically, if you smoke, you should get cancer and emphysema. Nobody should have to pay for your choices. You bought it, you lit it, and you sucked it all day long. Insurance shouldn’t have to pay for your oxygen, medications or painkillers.

    Why should insurance intervene and make non-smoker’s premiums go up? If you smoke and you get sick, you should die without making everyone else become involved in your bad choices. For everyone who has already died of emphysema, you got what was coming to you. Cancer? You asked for it. Suck it up.

    Let’s say you’re fat; it’s your own darn fault. Nobody put the bacon laden chocolate donut in your pie hole but you. All those fried Oreos, cheeseburgers, super-sized funnel cakes, double-chicken patty deep fried elephant vaginas or what have you… It’s your fault. You ate it, nobody should have to pay for your choices.

    If you have Type 2 diabetes or congestive heart failure, arthritis, gout, bloaty gas, high blood pressure and gallstones, nobody should have to pay for it. This is a free country! All of those states in the deep south with Paula Dean diets, and all of you with Schlitz goiters and more wattle than the entire state of California, why should insurance pay for your medications? You should get the punitive consequences for your actions and no medical benefit, because remember, “Right America” wants punitive consequences, not medical intervention, not proper medical care, just penalties.

    In this uber-right scenario, AIDS and illness due to non-hetero conduct is also punitive. Forget vaccines for cancer. Forget protection. There is no reason to teach about prevention or safe sex when punishment is the dominant focus. Besides, once blame is assigned, the politics of personal responsibility washes its hands of its own contribution to the suffering.

    When the far right goes after women’s healthcare, reproduction and abortion under the guise of personal responsibility, it should be seen for its single focus.

    It’s an attack on women.

    If the far right was really concerned about the cost of premiums and connecting punitive consequences to actions, it would be pursuing every fat-bottomed, diabetic, inactive, gouty, chain smoking, hypertensive Wal-Mart shopper and cutting off their medical care. They aren’t. They are only going after reproduction. It’s harsh, but this is the tenor of the discussion. It’s time to call them out on it.

    • Amen. The right so disgusts me right now and usually always does. But this attack on women is especially nauseating and downright fucked up. Aren’t all these men who talk about this married (yes almost all). What does it say to their wives, daughters and girlfriends (of which they have many)? No respect for something I fought for in the 60’s. Equal rights for women!!!! Where are the young women now fighting for what they thought came with the territory as something they deserved and accepted as the gospel? It needs protecting now more than I ever and I thought after my 60’s adventures to keep woman’s bodies sacred in the choices presented to them, it was the law-the right to protect their own bodies in any way they chose, whether we agreed or not. It is a right of every woman to protect her body as she chooses, to make decisions that work for her and if not now, when? Start fighting before it is too late. Stand up and be counted. The women who fought for you to get the vote, to get birth control, to have abortions and who watched over you are tired, old or dead. Better step it up young women or your world will be very different from mine.

      • Judy N

      • March 18, 2012 at 5:18 pm
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      And, by the way, why is viagra covered in these plans??? Nice column.

        • Kathy

        • March 19, 2012 at 10:08 am
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        Viagra is covered because the government mandated that it be.

    • Jesse, You are so smart and logical. Now I can’t even try to argue with that-I would just sound really dumb. Huh?

      • Jesse

      • March 19, 2012 at 8:51 am
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      Besides, once blame is assigned, the politics of personal responsibility washes its hands of its own contribution to the suffering.

      • Kathy

      • March 19, 2012 at 10:08 am
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      I guess personal responsibility is just “passe”. No one wants to deny women access to contraception. However, it is so readily available and FREE all over the country that it is absurd to think that just because your fellow taxpayers do not want to pay for it suggests they wan to ban it. This painting all Republicans with the same brush is tiresome. I for one, am tired of being called a hater, homophobe, woman hater, racist, a redneck, stupid, backwards, and whatever other nasty words that come to mind just because I am a conservative white woman who thinks all people need to be responsible for their own actions.

      • timothy

      • March 19, 2012 at 4:38 pm
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      Just one note… I have gout, and I’m a vegetarian. My gout doesn’t stem form my eating habits. It’s just there.

      So maybe don’t include “gout” on your list of behavioral diseases.

      • kate

      • March 20, 2012 at 12:26 pm
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      ….I was reading this …and all that came to mind as my blood pressure was rising …This is HATE !!! These are Hate Crime against the good Old US. Bullying is HATE ! that’s plain and clear !

      • Jesse

      • March 24, 2012 at 11:36 pm
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      Tim, Kate, Kathy, et al,
      If the argument is we shouldn’t provide services when it is available for free, while we dismantle all female services offered by Planned Parenthood, is just a lie. It is an attack on women.
      Kate, if your blood pressure rose because someone pointed out the ridiculousness of an argument… than you missed the point. I am holding a mirror to the far right hate. I do not share it.

      Lastly, We are Americans. There are a lot of things that I do not like my tax dollars going to… I would like my dollars to go to healthcare, headstart, k-16 education, student loans and grants, and not to bombs, war and anything I do not believe in, but that is not where we live. We live in a place where we work for the greater good of the nation. That doesn’t make us socialist, it makes us American.
      Tim, good luck with your gout. I have never heard of a vegetarian with gout, but at least you can change insurance now or your job without fear of having a pre-existing condition.

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