• Letting Crazy Be Crazy

    by Kelvin Wade

    There are lunatics among us. I don’t use the term lightly. There have always been eccentric folks. I might even be considered eccentric. But I’m talking about people who need to turn in their jacket for a strait one. I’m talking about folks that are a bag of fries and a toy short of a Happy Meal. People whose voices hear voices. Earth to Ms. Bachmann.

    Now being politically fair, let’s start with the Truthers, people who believe that perhaps the Bush Administration was behind 9/11 and that the collapse of the towers was a controlled demolition. I can understand someone questioning the 9/11 Commission. After all, this is the commission where the President and Vice-President testified together and not under oath. That’s more than a little odd and suspicious.

    Now there have been credible people who have debunked Trutherism. Popular Mechanics did a thorough job in 2005. There are websites devoted to debunking Trutherism. They’ve answered the mystery of Building 7. They’ve refuted the claims.

    But just using common sense, if George W. Bush was behind 9/11 in any way, would he really have kept reading a story about goats to children for seven minutes after being told of the attack? Wouldn’t he have staged it better to make himself not look like such a clueless dweeb? And how could these geniuses manage to pull off 9/11 but not hide any weapons of mass destruction to find in Iraq?

    Some Truthers are motivated by their revulsion for President Bush. Some just buy into the New World Order/Black Helicopter stuff. It just fits their worldview that the government really functions like a season of “24.” For others, everything is a conspiracy. The Occam’s Razor idea of the most likely explanation usually being the correct one simply doesn’t exist in their headspace. If they found a turtle on a fencepost, they don’t know how it got there but they’re darn sure no one put it there!

    Then there are the Birthers, the Einsteins who believe the President is not an American citizen. The President finally released his long form birth certificate but it will have no effect on the true believers. New evidence always just creates new levels of conspiracy.

    I knew a woman who believed she’d been a victim of satanic ritual abuse. She could describe cult activities in great detail. And the members of the cult? Prominent members of the community and law enforcement. That’s the thing with conspiracy theories…they grow ever larger. If you doubt them, then obviously you’re part of the conspiracy, too.

    The Obama conspiracies go on and on. He’s a secret Muslim. He’s an Arab. He has ties to terrorists. He wants to impose Sharia Law. He’s hiding his college transcripts. He’s a Socialist. A Marxist. A Fascist. He wants $5 a gallon gas. His books were written by Bill Ayers. His wife has launched a war on dessert. He wants a government control of health care and wants to pull the plug on grandma.

    Now of course, I realize that a good deal of the Obama craziness is pure old-fashioned bigotry dressed up in psychotic clothing. I’m not painting with a broad brush. But if one looks at some of the signs displayed at Tea Party rallies, the jokes and derogatory emails circulated by elected officials in the Republican Party, it’s irrefutable that racism is at the heart of some of the nuttiness. For others, it’s fear of change. A black man in the White House is change they weren’t ready for.

    But there are foaming-at-the-mouth, I.Q.-in-the-low-teens, knuckle dragging, paste-eating, mouth-breathing Americans out there who just buy into all of the nuttiness.

    The good thing is that some people can be coaxed down from the nutbar ledge. If adult politicians don’t pander to them and throw nitroglycerine on the fire, there are those who can return from the Bizarro World and function in ours.

    Unfortunately, there are those so far gone that no matter how many times you show them a hole in the ground, they’ll still mistake it for their own arse. They come up bust on the Shinola test too. Sometimes you just have to let crazy be crazy.

    • I am so with you Kelvin. It is such obvious fear and racism, although none of them will ever admit it. Racism has reared it’s ugly head in such drastic ways since Obama was sworn in. I mean, aside from the Glenn Beck comments and the tea party hysteria, all the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War recently, and southern balls celebrating confederate history, proudly flying the Confederate flag? We’ve still got a long road ahead of us. And it’s sad that they can’t get out of their own way and realize we’ve got one of the best Presidents in history in office now. Too bad they can’t appreciate that.

    • I so agree Kelvin and Hollye. “Those” people who choose wild schemes and conspiracy theories are really just people who need something to do in their lives. They are not happy people and their visions for themselves are beaten down so they must beat down others. They live in denial and from my vantage point it serves their own weaknesses. Great article today.

    • OK, give me a minute. I’m trying to figure out which category I fit into. I remember, oh, I did come up a little low in the shinola thingy. Never mind. I’m looking forward to your next entry.

    • “They come up bust on the Shinola test too” – my favorite line in the whole column!

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