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    • August 9, 2014 in Columnists

    Loving the birds among us

    Dana Strome, Steven Hildreth Parrot Planet

    Dana Strome, Steven Hildreth
    Parrot Planet


    Pet sitting my friend’s parrot for the weekend, I was rather startled when I stepped out of the shower to find it standing on the floor directly in front of the shower stall, waiting for me.

    After my heart had resumed beating, I stood perfectly still, returning the bird’s focused gaze, trying to process this bizarre and surreal moment. I had never owned a bird and was wary that it would suddenly take flight into my face.

    Over the years, my knowledge of birds has not grown. As a society, at least in the United States, we are inundated with videos and images of cute, playful, expressive cats and dogs. But birds don’t have expressive faces, so they are usually relegated to the omnipresent cage, stashed in the back of our minds and back rooms. That is tragic, because they love people and are very social.

    Every day, abandoned and abused pet birds need our help, but, again, they don’t receive the same media attention as furry pets.

    In this week’s podcast, Dana Strome and Steven Hildreth of Parrot Planet share interesting and informative information about the parrot world, including tips about caring for them and how they are taking proactive steps in rescuing individual birds and bird species.

    I now look at birds with a different view and I hope that you will as well.

    • I lust after having a bird… but, unfortunately… so would my cats. Did you know that Tom McMasters Stone used to rescue parrots? I’m hoping he will keep doing that some day. And… great topic. It breaks my heart how people take animals in and then just abandon them because they get bored, or the animals are inconvenient. I hope there is a special place in hell for people who abandon the animals that trust them.

    • Let us hope.

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