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    • January 18, 2017 in Columnists

    Lucy: the manifested lesson-teaching Wonder Beetle

    bug pic one“I want this car. Therefore, I am manifesting and claiming it as my own. I don’t want to pay more than $1,500 for it. It should be between 2000 and 2006. I would really love a sun roof and tan leather. Universe there it is — make it happen!”

    I posted that declaration on January 4, 2016. On February 4, 2016, I drove 120 miles to upstate Connecticut with my cousin Alicia. My journey with the little green car that I manifested into my life began. She was an ad on Craigslist.

    “New head gasket, timing belt, alternator, battery… won’t start… stick can’t drive, $1,000.” Having spent 15 years in the service end of the automotive business, I knew the “no start” was a simple electrical issue at worst.

    I was smitten. She was the exact color I wanted, a five speed, sunroof, low mileage, a 2001. The only thing she didn’t have was the tan leather interior. I giggled at the magic of it all.  We got up to where she was. I put a jump pack on the battery, it turned right over. The owner lowered the cost of the car to $800. Wow, Universe! The exchange of cash and bill of sale transpired.

    It was then that all hell broke loose. I left Lucy running while Alicia and I hooked up the U-Haul trailer. I turned to discover a very large pool of coolant beneath my new little gem. My heart sunk, my cheeks flushed. The former owner came running out. I asked for my money back, which she refused. It was then I had the loveliest sense of calm come over me.

    “Move forward.”

    We got the car back to Greenwich. The coolant leak turned out to be the reservoir cap not fastened properly. The woman was going on the assumption the car had a head gasket problem, sold me the car with ill intent, and lost at least $2,000 on the value of the car by being dishonest.

    I dubbed her Lucy and our adventures began. There is nothing better than getting behind her wheel, up on the highway, sunroof open, iPhone plugged into the stereo blasting my favorite playlist, warm summer air blowing my punk rock red hair in the sexiest manner.

    me working on carSexy is super useful when your coolant light comes on, steam pouring from beneath the hood. (For those of you less versed in my writing, that was ever so slightly sarcastic.) That breakdown turned out to be a coolant flange. I made that repair in the parking lot of Starbucks. Spending three evenings under the hood disassembling and reassembling led to conversations with a young lady who worked at Starbucks. She had everything in the world, possession-wise. Her heart not so much. She poured thoughts and feeling out while watching me dig inside the engine in awe.

    Lucy habitually misbehaves. This has afforded several opportunities for bonding with my sixteen year old son, Joseph.  Being a one income family in an affluent suburb presents its financial challenges. I cannot afford to have a mechanic do costly repairs to the car.  Together we have scanned the internet for instruction for not only diagnosing but for repairing Lucy’s various aliments. Joseph and I together have replaced Lucy’s battery, alternator, belts, hoses, starter not to mention tracing electrical fails to something as difficult yet simplistic as a broken wire leading to the brake light that was creating chaos in the wiring harness. These hours that we spent pouring over this car have  deepened our close relationship. Together we have learned patience, the ability to calmly problem solve. The moments I have spent with my middle child will forever be cherished memories as he transitions to adulthood, making these moments fewer and more far between.

    13061929_1747646898812836_7108625420683940885_nI asked the Universe for a little green car. The Universe in turn gave me my want, coupled with my need. It was time to be a positive influence on the world. Lucy has afforded me the opportunity to connect with humanity in a positive way time and again. You have the power to manifest your thoughts — to bring your wants into your life. Be prepared, however, for the Universe to use that want as an avenue to address your needs, making you grow.


      • Maya North

      • January 18, 2017 at 12:50 pm
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      Tou have written some great stuff, but this is perfection. ♡♡♡♡♡

      • Jennifer

      • January 24, 2017 at 10:37 pm
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      Good for you! I tried manifesting a Beetle but it never happened for me. Ah well, I got another car at least.

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