• MAAD (Mothers Against Asshole Drivers)

    Watch this video taken on a Freeway in Oakland, California:

    Go on, I’ll wait…

    RIGHT?!? I know. I can’t believe it either!!

    I mean really. REALLY? Who do these assholes think they are?

    I’ll tell you who they think they are. Rap stars, millionaires, celebrities, gangstas’, and most of all ABOVE THE LAW – which law? The Human Decency law.

    Even 17 year old Christy doesn’t think this is cool, and she once drove her Ford Explorer down a bike path to deliver a keg of beer to a park party.

    First of all, think of the poor people whose entire commute was ruined by these brainless yayhoos. People who had to get somewhere. People who were on a strict time schedule.

    Rushing to propose to your girlfriend before she boards that plane to France? Sorry.

    Driving your pregnant wife to the emergency room as she holds a soaked towel between her legs heaving and howling that the pressure is getting worse? Sorry.

    Out of work for months and you finally get the job interview of your dreams? Sorry.

    Hurrying to your child’s recital they’ve been practicing months for? Sorry.

    Attending your father’s funeral? Sorry

    Second of all, imagine if you were one of these guys’ mothers. Oh, heaven FORBID Noah ever pulls crap like this. I’m having a mini panic attack just thinking of all the ways I’m inadvertently setting him up for delinquent behavior like this. Maybe I should have let him nap with me this afternoon instead of forcing him to sleep in his own room – if only to hold onto him while I can.

    Third of all, think of the lives they were endangering! Any one of them could have easily lost control (as if they hadn’t already) and skidded into stopped traffic or across the barrier into oncoming traffic. What about the mother who, while driving, leaned down to pick up a tossed sippy cup and didn’t see the suddenly stopped cars in front of her? What about the police officers, CHP, EMTs, doctors, nurses, and other public servants who tirelessly work to clean up the mess you’ve made out of “fun”? Not to mention they’re risking their own pathetic lives. I’m looking at you – guy driving the convertible and the other guy freakishly leaning out the back, what would your families say when they learned you lost your life in a foolish freeway spin-out stunt?

    I once had a young male patient who decided that car surfing (being towed by a moving car on his skateboard) was a sport he would like to try despite the fact that his Father lectured him on never doing such a stupid thing just an hour previous. The look on his parents face was something I will never forget. I don’t know if that child survived, but he was in very bad shape the night I was his nurse.

    I once witnessed a suicide when a man jumped off an overpass onto the freeway, might have even been the same freeway as this stunt, and what made me the angriest was he committed suicide in a manner that also risked other peoples’ lives. I had my six week old son in the car when we slammed on the brakes for the body lying in our lane. I can’t help but think what would have happened if he had jumped a few moments earlier.

    What it all boils down to is selfishness. Pure selfishness. Yes, you got attention. People might have even toasted in your name afterwards, but is this what you want from your life? LIFE!

    I have spent my entire life fighting to be here. Fighting to make it all worth a damn. Fighting to help others see how fragile and precious every breath is. People who act and think directly against this intrinsic value of life enrage me.

    All of us have the right to be as foolish as we want. Hell, we all like to feel a little naughty, but if your actions risk the lives and livelihood of those around you then you might as well just hand over your vital organs now because the most good you’ll ever do is when you’re dead.

    There’s something falsely reassuring about automotive travel. They make these cars so comfortable with shocks that mute out every bump in the road. We’re so used to moving at 70 MPH that we don’t even realize what a feat that truly is, and honestly, how deadly it can be. Driving a car is freeing, powerful, and exciting, but with great power comes great responsibility – we’re responsible for the safety of the other people around us.

    I hope the CHP is able to isolate the license plate numbers on these cars via the YouTube video – thanks to the dudes who jumped out of their cars to document it. I hope they take away their licenses. I hope they force them to become organ donors. I hope they’re forced to repave the stretch of highway they defaced.

    YOLO – you only live once. It’s an expression that popularly describes the rationale for doing something stupid. They’re right, you do only live once, so make it count for something substantial, assholes – and stop using my county name as an excuse for your poor life skillz.



    Now, go watch this:


    The Lonely Island – YOLO


    • I hope they can isolate their plates and that they had them on.or people who know these assholes will report them. I wonder what would have happened if no one stopped but just started edging towards them as they did their stunts. Unless the first cars knew this was happening so stopped to film it. It seemed they did this long enough that the cops could have gotten there by using the safety lane to catch this idiots. I know they will be caught. You are right on with this one Christy.

    • This is totally insane. Thank you for taking a stand on this. I especially like the part where you reminded us of how cars go 70 and we each have a responsibility to honor others around us. You have to wonder if those guys got caught. And fully agree that it was selfish and impacted many other people’s lives. Thanks.

      • Maya North

      • January 28, 2013 at 8:41 pm
      • Reply

      Honest to pete, this is why I’m beginning to think caning isn’t such a bad idea (it’s over fast, it’s painful and humiliating enough to grab the miscreants’ attention and they don’t do that crap again). I was in the HOV lane with my husband and some nincompoop in a baby blue Jaguar was riding my tail so hard he was about to crawl up it. Right beside him, tiny and shrimp-like, save for the great helmet of shellacked white hair, his sainted ancient mother perched, apparently oblivious to it all., Back and forth he wove, red-faced and clearly swearing up a storm. Suddenly he sped up, passed me, whipped back into the lane right in front of me and SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES!!! I swear to you, it was only the PTSD reflexes that saved us. And I swear by all I hold holy, if I had had a rocket launcher, that SOB and his sainted mother would have been so much molten slag. So yes, I hope they get these little wolverines and I hope their licenses are suspended FOREVER. And I’m glad you were okay when that man decided to endanger and traumatize all around him. XXXOOO

      • Young Ana & Old Ana

      • January 30, 2013 at 6:07 am
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      17 year old Ana who sat in 17 year old Christy’s green explorer as Christy sped through (an empty) parking lot to hit dips that put our stomaches near our throats, doesn’t think what these morons did was cool either.

      What IS cool however is every piece you write Christy Carl Sillman!!!

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