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    • Kim Orendor

    • January 5, 2017 in Columnists

    I’m not afraid of the f-word

    So, this is 50. Yes, I said the f-word, “fifty.”

    It feels pretty much like 49, not too much different than 39.

    It’s helpful that my past two jobs have surrounded me with people in their 20s. They keep me young at heart. And thanks to them, I now know when a party is lit.

    I’ve been to some pretty amazing places and done some crazy things in my first 50 years. I’m looking forward filling the next 50 with even more awesomeness.

    Been there

    29 of 50 states           2 of 7 continents       7 of 21 CA missions

    New York City           Candlestick Park       Carlsbad Caverns

    Grand Tetons            Ellis Island                 Dodger Stadium

    Statue of Liberty       Yosemite                    Cape Canaveral

    Yellowstone               North Shore               Hong Kong

    Roswell                      Washington D.C.       Shanghai

    Boracay                      Niagara Falls              Manila

    Philadelphia               Beijing                        Xian

    3 of 6 Disney parks worldwide

    Done that

    “Surfed” in China          Walked Brooklyn Bridge     Ate gator

    Skied diamond run       Watched Broadway play    Rode atop a bus

    Walked Great Wall       Cruised Bahamas                Golfed in China

    Ate gourou                    Swam with sharks                Climbed Byers Peak

    Cheered U.S. women in World Cup match              Ate snake

    Whale watched in open ocean kayak                       Closed down Disney

    Camped at the Grand Canyon                                  Hiked Chocolate Hills

    Ate dinuguan                 Snorkeled with turtles       Walked Central Park

    Drank milk straight from coconut           Cheered U.S. at Paralympics

    “Enjoyed” back-walk massage     Had frap at Forbidden City Starbucks

    Places to go

    21 of 50 states           5 of 7 continents       Stonehenge

    New Zealand              London                        Costa Rica

    Florida Keys               Camelback Ranch     14 of 21 CA missions

    Giza                            Rose Bowl                  Sydney Opera House

    Greece                        Reykjavik                    Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Wrigley Field             Isle of Man                 The Hermitage

    Cuba                           Scotland                      Petra

    Patagonia                   Fiji                                The Met

    3 of 6 Disney parks worldwide

    Things to do

    Drive a stick                Hike Halfdome           Dance in the rain

    SCUBA                        Finish memoir            First date

    Hold a panda              First kiss                      See World Series game

    Drive autobahn          Zip line in trees          See sunset on Uluru

    Learn Spanish            See wild penguin      Visit Machu Picchu

    Sail a boat                  African safari             Meet Hugh Jackman

    Ride bullet train         Hear Big Ben             Visit Algonquin Hotel

    See Mona Lisa           Kiss Blarney Stone    Breakfast at Blue Heaven

    Make in-person bet at Kentucky Derby

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