• Too many family ties

    So, Ivanka Trump is moving into an “unpaid” position in the West Wing. Of course, after telling the world she would have no position in her father’s White House.

    With only real estate experience, son-in-law Jared Kushner has also assumed a key role in the White House, as the Paper Lion Secretary of State — in charge of many foreign affairs, but most notably responsible for seeking peace in the Middle East. He is also tasked with negotiating with Mexico and China.

    Photo by the Des Moines Register

    As I type, Kushner is visiting Iraq — without the real Secretary of State.

    AYFKM? (Should you be unfamiliar with the acronym: Are-You-F&^%)^%!-Kidding-Me?)

    Republicans are quick to cite John F. Kennedy, which they certainly should do more often, but it’s not the same situation at all.

    JFK nominated his brother Robert, an experienced attorney, to the post of Attorney General of the United States. Perfectly acceptable under the law in existence at that time — and done with the “advice and consent” of the United States Senate, as well. Consequently, because of this very appointment, federal nepotism laws were put in place in 1967. The statute includes family members, including, very specifically, sons-in-law.


    We have been told that they will divest themselves of their business interests. When? It should have been signed, sealed, and delivered before they assumed their new rules.

    There are currently numerous Trump copyright requests under consideration in China — copyrights that will bring millions of dollars to the Trump coffers. C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T of interest, for sure, and a violation of Federal law, as well. Refuge is being TRUMPeted by the GOP, claiming that the White House is not an “agency” under the federal law(s) in question.

    So let me get this right — laws put into effect solely for the purpose of preventing another JFK-type appointment, does not apply to this POTUS?

    I see.

    If Hillary had won, and Chelsea Clinton’s husband was in Iraq right now, Republicans would be cumulatively suffering from millions of prolapsed rectums and vaginas!

    Nepotism is an ugly, ugly word — as is despot — and we have both in the chambers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


    One has to ask why the Secretary of State is putting up with this nonsense? Does Rex Tillerson not have any pride? And even beyond his own pride, what about the pride of our foreign service people throughout the world? They are collectively suffering this humiliation, this embarrassment — many of whom work in very unfavorable climates, and under very trying circumstances. Many of them already have a feeling of helplessness, at being unable to do more with or for the countries they serve — on top of all that, they get smacked in the face with this gobbledygook?

    Unconscionable management behavior.

    And I am not being pedantic. Frankly, there are few people around qualified to lecture me about management principles and techniques.

    The fact that the daughter and son-in-law are not accepting a salary does not change the situation at all. It’s the work they are doing, being horribly unqualified for doing so, and simply being relatives of the POTUS is sufficient for disqualification and investigation.

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