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    • April 18, 2012 in Vlogs

    Me & Big Al – Episode #1

    Hello iPinioners and welcome to my Vlog, “ME & Big Al.” Follow us as we explore the joys of a father and his relationship with his son, and how they support each other in their dreams and work: Dad an actor, who also directs, writes and produces, along with being a photographer, new media guru and journalist, and always looking for work, and a boy who dreams of being a professional hockey player and the joy that is parenting.

    Seven years ago, the most amazing thing happened in my life: the birth of my son Alexander. You will come to know him as Big Al. Why Big Al? Well, before he was born, we had settled on two possible names to go nicely with my last name: Giancarlo or Gianfranco — two artistic style names that would roll off the tongue when added with LoGuercio.

    Well, Big Al came out at about 5 pounds and my wife looked at each other I said, (in the age of bullying) if we give him either of those two names he will get the shit kicked out of him at school. We need to give him a big name — thus the name Alexander (Alexander the Great).

    Turns out we could have named him Giancarlo after all. After a few years, Alexander quickly jumped to 100% plus in growth categories. He plays pick-up hockey with 12 year olds and they don’t notice. So, to all my Facebook family he is known and referred to as Big Al.

    Enjoy the ride as I look for work to help support Big Al’s passion and prove that every day I spend with him is the best day of my life so far!

    ©Matthew LoGuercio, 2012. All rights reserved

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