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    • July 3, 2012 in Vlogs

    Me & Big Al – Episode #15

    by Matt LoGuercio

    ©Matthew LoGuercio, 2012. All rights reserved

    • The school system is so weak these days. I was suspended as a teenager for skipping first period and writing my own note to get back in school and signing my Dad’s name. The school suspended me until my Mom came. She declared my notes real so I wouldn’t get into real trouble on my permanent record and then grounded me for a month. And in those days a month was a month. I missed an activity I had been planning for a year. Yep missed it for my behavior. The school needs to step up and so do the parents. Keep us informed on the knife carrier. Feel bad that your son was treated this way as a little guy and that it continues even as he moves up the food chain.

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