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    • July 15, 2012 in Vlogs

    Me & Big Al – Episode #17

    ©Matthew LoGuercio, 2012. All rights reserved

    Another Country Mystery

    Wow, what else can happen here. Between finding dead animals shot in the head, poison ivy, oak etc, weeds the size of redwoods, now a poop in the pool? We were not home yesterday and this morning when we went to check on the pool we found a human poop in the pool. The funny thing is we saw Ted the day before and well how ironic is that! The wife cleaned it out of the pool ala Ms. Kunis in the film and was totally skeeved. So add that to the list of mysteries. SO this week Big Al returns with his pal Isaiah who is our fresh air fund visitor this year. He really had a great time seeing all the wild animals in our yard and enjoyed playing with Big Al. It was a great week for all of us, but truth be told, 2 athletic 7 year olds in one house can wear you out. I played wiffle ball with them it was a 29-28 loss for me but I lost 5 pounds running the bases. See ya next week.

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