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    • September 30, 2012 in Vlogs

    Me & Big Al – Episode #27

    by Matt LoGuercio

    ©Matthew LoGuercio, 2012. All rights reserved

    Presidential Debates

    Hey iPinoners, on September 26, 1960 JFK and Tricky Dick Nixon faced off in the first ever televised Presidential debate. If you remember, well if you were taught this in school, unless I am totally wrong and the iPinion audience is all in their late 60’s and up, Nixon sweated a lot. Was it the lights? Was it the pressure? or as we found out in 1973 was it because he was a lying, sneaky criminal? Let’s just all agree on the latter.

    Anyway, what is the over under on Romney sweating? i say there is a 60 % chance. How about him screwing up? I say 95% chance, the other 5% would be if he just says nothing and then he is only screwing himself; of which Tim Akin would understand to mean he could get pregnant!

    Hey enjoy and no matter who you like just vote.

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