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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • June 10, 2013 in Columnists

    Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is dead

    George Zimmerman’s trial starts on June 10, and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

    Already we heard elements of the case leaked to the media, which set off a storm of media-driven hysteria.  The pro-gun advocates and the gun restriction folks are in their separate camps, salivating for the verdict to give credence to their political causes.  No matter the outcome of the trial, both sides will win.

    Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is dead.

    The fact Trayvon was allegedly shot and killed by Mr. Zimmerman almost seems inconsequential to the trial case.

    We only seem to argue about gun owners and their rights.  Same thing happened at Sandy Hook Elementary – no one cared about 20 dead children.  All that mattered was that the Second Amendment, or at least Conservatives’ interpretation of the Bill of Rights, was being defended.  I imagine the Zimmerman trial will be prosecuted and defended in the same manner.  The facts will not be on trial.  Only our inherited and outdated ideals will be on display.  

    Who cares about the victims of gun violence?  I have a .44 magnum that will protect me from the FBI!  See how well that worked out in Waco, Texas, Branch Davidians?

    Trayvon’s murder will not be the narrative told by Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyers or the news media.  All they will talk about is Trayvon being black, tall, a teenager, he smoked pot, sent text messages, he wasn’t a great high school student, he liked rap music, had pictures on his smart phone, and other such gossip that will make most of middle-aged and elderly White America absolutely terrified of him.  

    Apparently Trayvon Martin wasn’t a victim of murder; instead, we’re all victims of Trayvon Martin being murdered.  We are all going to have to sit through an insufferable trial and have talking heads give analysis of the day-to-day court proceedings.

    I hate baseball play-by-play announcers and I’m going to hate the media circus that will be this trial.

    The social narrative will be about self-defense (Mr. Zimmerman’s defense strategy for the trial is declaring self-defense while skirting a Stand Your Ground hearing), guns, pot, walking habits, gated communities, Florida law, and other such nonsense to waste our time.  HLN network’s ratings will go through the roof.  This is the same channel that gave us Glenn Beck.

    The network news organizations can hardly cover any news event properly or actually investigate a story thoroughly, so why should George Zimmerman’s trial be any different?

    We live in a day and age where smoke and mirrors is the preferred form of news versus actual news journalism.  The proper narrative is destroyed by news editors that only care about one news dogma: If it bleeds, it leads.  Expect the sexy home run version of the truth.  If the piece of news isn’t told in three minutes and isn’t a home run nor sexy, they will not tell it to you.  You will get the TMZ version of the truth, dressed up with glitter and racial or sexual stereotypes.

    The trial will be a mockery of justice, and the network news outlets will be part and parcel of injustice.

    Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is dead. 

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