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    • Julie Parker

    • November 9, 2016 in Columnists

    Metallic silver lining

    “I can’t wait for 2016 to end.”
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    Indeed, this year has certainly borne witness to startling events.

    Over 145 iconoclasts have died, such as Senator Dale Bumpers, David Bowie, Zaha Hadid, Umberto Eco, Harper Lee, Muhammed Ali, George Martin, Garry Shandling, Janet Reno, Prince, Rev. Daniel Barrigan, Morley Safer, Ralph Stanley, Merle Haggard, Patt Summitt, Elie Wiesel, Edward Albee, Junko Tabei, and Joseph Medicine Crow.

    Even though the Crow and Sioux tribes have historically been at odds, even Joseph Medicine Crow might have joined in the pipeline protests at Standing Rock. The abhorrent, beyond unnecessary violent acts perpetrated against the peaceful protesters are mind boggling.

    And, then, two presidential candidates, neither of whom have had any problem with “big money” corporate interests drilling and possibly corrupting valuable water resources gleefully swam in their respective rank cauldrons.

    But, you know what? The Cubs won the World Series. The Cubs! They persevered, pushing and pushing into ten innings, and left victorious.

    A few nights preceding the presidential election, I looked back over the year with a mental bird’s eye view, considering where we are as a country, and how we ended up here.

    We have become a nation of complacency: sending good thoughts or prayers instead of taking action, “helicopter parents,” ignoring the fact that vaccines cured polio and German measles, and a fear of retaliation in speaking out for simple rights.

    I received word early this morning via text from an old high school buddy regarding the presidential election results. She didn’t mention the name. It wasn’t necessary. There was no mistaking her tone. Normally, I would have experienced a radically charged rant, but, because of my recent epiphany, I could see it from a different angle.

    Maybe we needed a self-serving, moronic racist/sexist egomaniac to get us off of our collective lazy backsides, look at what’s deeply important to us, and to stand up to those who wish to take it away; to treat us as inferior human beings. We can do it. Diverse, intelligent and creative iconoclasts are sprinkled throughout the United States.

    For the next four years, let’s push and push back against individuals and corporations who seek to harm our land, our inherent human rights, and our health.


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