• Mitt Romney’s income taxes

    by Tom McMasters-Stone

    Ann Romney says that the Romney campaign will not be releasing any more tax returns because, the more they release, the more they get criticized. Really? If there is nothing wrong with them, nothing to hide, what is there to criticize?

    The American people have a right to know what impact the Romney/Ryan tax plans will have on their own personal wealth. Even if they put all their funds in blind trusts, as usually happens, they both are very wealthy men, and a blind trust will not change that.

    Are they going to look out for themselves, or the American people, as they claim?

    The Obama campaign has challenged the Romney campaign, to release five years’ of income tax returns, which basically cover the period in which Mitt has been running for President, and that they will request no more after that. The Romney campaign has refused.

    The Mittster says he has never paid less than 13 percent in “taxes”. Have you noticed that? He never says “income taxes”, it is always just “taxes”. Does that include sales tax? State tax? Taxes/fees on his money in the Cayman Islands? Hmmm…
    Unfortunately, we have been here before with Mr. Romney.

    When he decided to run for governor of Massachusetts, where there is a seven-year residency requirement to do so, he had just returned from a long stay in Utah, where he was running the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

    People immediately questioned his residency, and there was an outcry to release his tax returns to prove that he had filed as a Massachusetts resident for seven straight years. He refused, and steadily maintained that he had filed in Massachusetts all those years. The Boston Globe even asked him to release his tax returns with all the monetary figures redacted, just showing his personal information, to confirm his residency claims.

    He refused, again steadily claiming that he had filed in Massachusetts all those years.

    Well, guess what? He was lying through his teeth, and had, in fact, filed as a Utah resident when he was living there, and his filing to run for Governor was done so in fraud. It finally all came out, and he was forced to go back and amend those returns to be in conformity with Massachusetts laws.

    I am glad that the people of Massachusetts elected him, though, because they now have the best medical coverage in the nation under the very, very effective and solvent Romney Care, which, in turn, inspired the national Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obama Care.

    But the fact is he was lying.

    Just like he is lying now about Obama trying to limit the rights of military personnel to vote, when, in fact, he is trying to expand their opportunity.

    Just like he is lying about Obama weakening Medicare, when, in fact, he has added almost a decade to Medicare’s solvency.

    Just like he is lying about Obama reducing Medicare’s benefits, when, in fact, he has strengthened them, and even added to them.

    Just like he is lying about Obama removing the work requirement from the Welfare laws.

    Just like, in effect, he is lying about “Obama’s failed policies”, when he neglects to mention the record-setting number of filibusters that have occurred in the Senate over the last two years.

    He was a liar then, and he is a liar now.

    I guess the rules that God gave, by sending an angel to help “find” them, to Joseph Smith on those gold plates in Upstate NY in 1823 are different than those he gave to Moses on the stone tablets on Mount Sinai.

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