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    • February 21, 2013 in Fiction

    The Sexy Woman Hero Thriller

    Two couples were going to a movie together. Woman One narrowed the movie choices to eight. A documentary about a comedian was agreeable to three people but not to Man Two who preferred German war movies. A scifi movie was agreeable to three people but not to Woman One who didn’t like scifi. Man One told his partner that the other couple wanted to see the sexy woman hero thriller movie but she didn’t want to see it. Three people liked the Israel/Arab conflict movie but Man Two didn’t want to see war trauma movies with no political commentary. Woman Two suggested a romantic movie about searching for food, religion and love but Woman One was interested in food but not religion or love. Because of good reviews, a brutal English kidnap movie and an Australian mafia movie were mentioned but the German War movie man didn’t want violence. Eventually a movie about Armenians in the French Resistance was agreed on. But when they reached the theater, there were no adjacent seats at that movie and they had to make a second choice quickly because people in line behind them were impatient as the two men and two women tried to make up their minds. Woman One, who hadn’t liked the sexy woman hero thriller said she would see it and they bought four tickets.

    Settled in the theater, Woman Two said to Woman One, “I didn’t want to see this.”

    “I thought you did,” said Woman One.

    “Not me, my partner did,” she said. “Let’s all go to different movies.”

    She went to the romantic movie. Woman One went to the brutal kidnapping movie, which was too brutal so she switched to the Armenian French Resistance movie. The men didn’t want to move and stayed at the sexy woman hero thriller movie.

    Woman Two, who chose the romantic movie, was happy. She saw the three countries she had wanted to see and avoided violence. In the Armenian French WWII movie, the characters were tortured and killed just before liberation so that Woman One  saw a good movie but was left troubled and sad. The sexy woman hero thriller was mediocre and contained torture and violence. Man Two, who didn’t want violence, wasn’t pleased nor was Man One who remembered too late he had read a bad review.




    • I think they should have all gone to what they wanted to see and find someone else to see it with them or go alone. I would have suggested dinner instead and if no one could have agreed, I would get new friends who were willing to compromise. This was exhausting to read 🙂

    • Thank you Madgew, for reading it. Love your comment about it being exhausting to read, though not sure if that’s good or not. Maybe good and bad?

    • Yes, exhausting–like life! This captures it!

    • I’m glad the women got to see something good

      • Marie Louisell

      • March 2, 2013 at 2:24 pm
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      I laughed out loud! They could have done so many other things.

      • Kay

      • March 3, 2013 at 12:14 pm
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      Makes me happy I’m not in a couple. I hope they went out to dinner and had a good laugh afterwards. Nice piece.

      • Zara Gourji

      • March 5, 2013 at 1:08 pm
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      They should have been more flexible and watch something together than separately, because the discussion post movie would be much more interesting due to such differences of opinions and personalities. Loved the story; it shows that people are more practical (must spend time watching what one wants/expects and higher chances to be content) and less willing to compromise for the good of the whole group…..

      • Judy E.

      • June 26, 2014 at 9:20 pm
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      It’s like the day at Har Mar 11 in Roseville MN. We started with The Dingo Ate my Baby (Meryl Streep in a black wig) then switched to something hip hop, then to an Arnold movie about Twins, then walked into Jodi Foster movie just as a horrible violence was about to happen, left and went back to the Dingo movie and had to ask patrons leaving the theater if anyone knew what happened to the baby and the dingo. 4 1/2 thumbs down.

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