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    • Hannah Sullivan

    • March 15, 2015 in Columnists

    My angel reading experience

    The past few months have been quite the experience for my family and I. I apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth, but I have returned!

    Trying to balance work and school is hard enough, but top that off with my precious Labradoodle getting two tail surgeries, one of which ended in an amputation. That, my friends, is a recipe for a depressed and unmotivated Hannah.

    To celebrate the victory of my dog’s tail finally healed enough to begin his cone-free life after two months, we went to get our futures read.

    My family and I went to this great little holistic and wellness center for one of their Angel Readings. Basically, the angels tell the woman there what is in store for us and also guides us into picking the right tarot cards for her to read. I was extremely skeptical before we went, but afterwards I am a (somewhat) believer. She told me there are lots of changes and good things coming my way in 2015. How wonderful, because I seriously doubt my sanity can handle anymore nonsense.

    Her theme was cleaning house. She talked about how our emotions are in direct relation to the environment we put ourselves in. I’m not as diligent as I should be about keeping my room spotless, but she does have a point. Whenever I organize myself, I somehow feel better mentally. With all the crap going on, cleaning my room was at the bottom of my list. Now I’m making it a top priority.

    She also talked about worrying.

    “If you worry too much about something then you’ll get your wish”

    I really don’t want to get my wish about the stupid things I worry about.

    The two cards I picked out of the deck were “Intention” and “From Archangel Michael: Honor and Trust Your Feelings.” I especially liked the prayer at the end of the second card, which read, “Thank you, Archangel Michael, for supporting guiding and protecting me as I listen and act upon my feelings. Help me understand and express my emotions with love”.

    That really spoke to me. I honestly felt like I was supposed to pick that. I usually second guess myself — that’s just how I roll. She said if I have to ask myself a question twice to get a better answer, then I already knew the right answer. It’s basically asking myself a difficult life question in hopes that I change my mind. Like, should I eat this cookie? No, Hannah. Have some self control. But should I eat this cookie? Okay, yes.

    We did pick one more card before the reading was over. I picked “The High Priestess Archangel Haniel.” I like to pretend I look like her. She is pretty and blonde with enormous wings. It’s me, minus the wings. This card read, “Listen to your intuition. Have patience. Consider carefully what you want before acting.” I can also relate to that a whole lot. She told me it’s the angels trying to tell me to just go for it. Whatever I feel like doing in life and with my life regardless of what people think — just do it. I love that. Again, the whole theme of second guessing. Those angels sure know me well.

    Lastly, the angel reader told me that a handsome man standing behind me the whole night. She believes that love is coming for me. She told me that man is going to cross paths with me and he will be looking for my smile. This is hilarious news, because I’ve been told I have chronic resting bitch face, so we will see just how serious this guy is about finding me.

    She told my brother and I that we’re both Indigo children. That means that our creative abilities are higher than your average person. I thought that was a pretty good analysis of us considering we are both creative people, just in different ways. Must be in our genes.

    I will say the only thing that soured my experience was this woman at the end. She seemed normal except for the fact that she pulled my cousin aside and told her how she thought about her the whole time. She basically wanted to remind my cousin to be a kid ever once in a while. She even cried. Weird. Nice advice, just given in a peculiar manner. I think that woman wanted to pretend she could read people too.

    That same lady kept whispering to the woman next to her about how she didn’t believe that I was falling for any of this. My mom overheard her whole conversation. I found that kind of rude. She doesn’t know me. I was actually having a great time. I liked hearing everyone’s reading and listening to the advice.

    Dear crazy lady, did the cards you got say anything about kissing my ass?

    It is now time for me to clean house, worry less, do what I love, and smile more.

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