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    • Donald Sanders

    • November 28, 2013 in Columnists


    Can you imagine having a friend you cannot trust? How about a friend who cannot be believed, no matter what he says? How would you like a friend who is brutal and violent, who will come to your home and destroy everything and kill you and your family, and then your pets. To make matters worse, how would you like to live on an island with this unruly friend?

    How would you enjoy a friend who watches you to the extent that you can’t do anything without him seeing what you do and when, and with whom? How about a friend you are afraid of? I mean a fear like you have never felt before because this friend is vicious and has no control over anything he does. This friend is crazy and has multiple personalities, all out of control. Would you enjoy a friend like this?

    What would you do? Would you seek other friends and try to get away from this bad friend? Just for general purpose, let’s call this crazy friend Ted. Okay, let’s figure this out with our other friends John, Jim and Sally. Now, the four of you are in a room and you have locked Ted out. What would you say to John, Jim and Sally?

    Would you tell them that you are afraid of Ted? Would you tell them that you do not trust Ted? Do you think John, Jim, and Sally would say the same? Maybe they would and maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe they are afraid of Ted as well. Maybe Ted has told them that you cannot be trusted. Maybe Ted has told them that you are a liar. Maybe Ted has told them that you are planning to take over the whole island!

    What would you do? What could you do? Would you begin to stockpile weapons and food? Would you send trusted people out to spy on what Ted is doing? Would you try to communicate your fears to John, Jim, and Sally? Would you call them on the phone or send them a note? Maybe you might try to tell them personally, face to face. Do you think they would listen?

    Now, what if Ted killed Jim and made all of his family stay within the confines of his little part of the island. What if Ted told Jim’s widow that she could not trade freely her goods and wares with John and Sally for food? What if she could only trade with Ted and his agents? What if Ted was taking Jim’s widow’s goods and wares and paying pennies on the dollar for them? What if Jim’s widow and her children were starving? What if they had no clean drinking water? What if they began having diseases that were supposed to be long forgotten, like polio and leprosy? What if? What if? What if?

    What would you do if you had a friend like Ted? What would you do?

    Well, I have some bad news for you. You are Ted. Even worse, I am Ted! We do live on an island – Earth. All of our friends do not trust us! All of our friends are afraid of us and what we will do next. We are attacking and killing our friends one at a time in a vicious and brutal manner. We are killing them, their families and even their pets.

    Our friends are trying to communicate with their friends to come up with some way to deal with us, you and me. They know that when they meet and talk about us, we will think they are plotting against us. We will spy on them and tap their phones and place hidden cameras in the air and we will see everything they do. They will know that they cannot take a crap without us seeing how and when they do it.

    Our friends will eventually get together and confront us and kill us if they have to. If we force them to drastic actions, they will gang up on us. I fear they will do it soon. I fear they will attack us soon and they will try to kill us. Wait…are you with them against me? Are you a traitor giving them information that will hurt me? Are you?

    What would you do if I told you I will destroy the whole island rather than live with you in peace?


      • Maya North

      • November 28, 2013 at 3:39 pm
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      When Darryl went to the Middle East, he found no hatred — just people who shrugged and said “We can’t control our government, and we figure you can’t controls yours, so let’s be friends!” And so they were — hospitable and sweet. It’s up to all individuals to see each other’s human faces so that we don’t allow our governments to steer us into horrors unsurvivable. Big hugs!!!

      • Maya, That would be very nice but I fear it is an isolated instance and not common to any war zone. It really would be nice and all of our soldiers would die of old age. They would come home fat and sassy with all the diner invitations given them by the Iraqi and Afgan people. We would drop all the bombs in empty fields and not kill all the women and children, goats and sheep. They would not hang dead GI’s from bridges or cut off the heads on videos. There would be no reason for Wikileaks or Pentagon Papers. Most of all, there would not be a suicide every hour on the hour every day of the week until there are more suicides than combat related deaths in three, not two, and not one, of our major conflicts of the last half century. It sickens me, what we have become complacent with so you mustent whitewash these terrible wars by believing we are being friendly with the Arab nations. It is quite the opposite. But, it would be very nice if they would be nice while we kill them and take their shit.

    • Oh so very sad on all fronts. I hate war and I feel so bad that you suffer from the impact on you and your life.

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