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    • Kathleen Brotherton

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    • April 12, 2015 in Columnists, News

    New Release: An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tales #1



    When author Renee Alter sent out the call for her fairy tale anthology, iPinionsyndicate.com columnist Kathleen Brotherton could not resist. Ms. Alter was canvassing for real life stories with a fictional twist or even a sad ending to a life story written into a magical happy ending. On March 31, 2015, An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tales #1 published, bringing Ms. Alter’s tale along with the tales of her contributing authors, to print. This spellbinding anthology can be found on Amazon.com for purchase in soft cover print. Interested in contributing your own modern fairy tale? Ms. Alter can be contacted at fairytaleproject9@gmail.com. 

    Contributing Authors

    Renee Alter, Mahesh Lone, Les Floyd, D. ODell Benson, Peggy McAloon, Sophia Bar-Lev, Tania Haque, Tony Burnett, Stephen Brandon, Kathleen Brotherton 

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