• NFL Court Case 14387-08 Peyton Manning v Tom Brady

    With all due respect to the NFC, Seattle/San Francisco isn’t the game everyone salivates to watch.  Sunday at 3 p.m., I know what every TV set on my block, city, state and region will be tuned to.

    Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady — the Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots.

    In New England, we have had a decade of relevance and dominance not many sports franchises get to brag about.  Some teams have eras and dynasty periods.  There was the Chicago Bulls of the ’90s, the Celtics of the ’60s, and the Yankees of the entire 20th century (25 championships). 

    The New England Patriots have been relevant in the National Football League since Bill Parcells stepped into town.  Now under the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady regime they still continue to stack up wins, Super Bowl appearances, and three Super Bowl wins.  Hell, they went 18-0 during a single season. 

    As Larry David would say “pretty good- prettaaay pretaay pretay good.”

    Peyton Manning was one of the most hyped quarterbacks to come out of college.  After his time as a Tennessee Volunteer, he went to the Indianapolis Colts and breathed life into an irrelevant franchise.  Yes, they also had Marshall Faulk but you simply cannot win with a running back, otherwise the Detroit Lions would’ve dominated with Barry Sanders alone.  Manning came with the hype and delivered the funky stuff.  He helped turn around an organization and turn them into annual contenders.  On top of that, Manning became the face of the NFL.  Turn on the TV and you will see Peyton Manning on some lame commercial (Papa John’s comes to mind).

    It’s hard to root against Peyton Manning — the guy is a human highlight reel.  He would come to the line of scrimmage, scream at a few guys, snap the ball, and deliver the ultimate NFL fetish — the touchdown.  Manning snapped Tom Brady’s single regular season touchdown record with 55 touchdowns and also kicked in 5,467 passing yards.  For a guy who is often criticized for not having a strong arm, he has fooled me.

    Peyton Manning has always had incredible players around him.  During his time with the Colts, he has had Edgerrin James, Marshall Falk and Marvin Harrison to name a few.  Manning has always had the talent around him to bring him to the Promised Land. 

    Yet, Peyton Manning won only one Super Bowl during his long career.  In fact, if you include Peyton Manning’s college years, in the playoffs, Manning is 10-11 in his playoff appearances. 

    How did Tom Brady do with playoff appearances?

    18-7.   Pretty good, right?   Pretaaay pretaayy…. 

    How do the Patriots do it?  How does Tom Brady do it?

    They adapt.  All the injuries, retirements, one maniac in jail for murder, and guys leaving for free agency — the constant has been Tom Brady and his willingness to adapt to a new game plan week by week. 

    Belichick and Brady have redefined football.  Look at how the Patriots won their championship in 2001.  The way the Patriot cornerbacks absolutely hammered on the wide receivers of the Rams — that’s a big reason why the defensive pass interference call is overcalled in modern day games.  You can barely touch a wide receiver today.  Physically dominating play used to be the way the Patriots used to play.  Nowadays with a pass-friendly league, the only way to win is to chuck that pigskin around CONSTANTLY.

    The Patriots adapted to the NFL philosophy mentioned above and have shown the way to get the job done.  As the great Al Davis used to say, “Just win, baby.”  The New England Patriots seem to always find a way to win and control their division, year in and year out.  The Patriots are the Yankees of football.  

    Personally, I’ve been waiting all season for playoff football and the fact that the New England Patriots are in the AFC championship AGAIN is a testament to the symbiotic relationship of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  All of that winning despite constant changes in the team roster — it’s rather impressive. 

    Sunday will be your chance to grab some beer or wine, put up your feet, and scream at a TV for three hours.  I am hoping the Patriots beat Manning again.  I will cheer for the Patriots like I cheered for the Soviets in the 1980s.  However, if the game goes the other way in the Denver Broncos’ favor, I will have an opportunity to finally root for an NFC team.

    On a side note, yes Raiders fans, it was a fumble.  Calm down, you psychopaths.

    On a side side note, I think the San Francisco 49ers are going to go down like a five dollar whore.  However, that game will be so close, they could flip a coin to predict a winner.  I could write a whole dissertation on why I find Jim Harbaugh so annoying.    

    Anyways, enough ragging on the 49er’s.

    Go Soviet Russia, I mean, the New England Patriots!

    • Of course the Patriots are also documented cheaters and haven’t won a Super Bowl since that cheating came to light. The Pittsburgh Steelers have appeared in three Super Bowls, winning two, those two Super Bowls wins are more recent than the last Patriot win.

      Brady has had some stinker games in the playoffs, and his team has won, and he gets all the credit. It’s ridiculous, football is a team sport, teams win and lose, not just quarterbacks. Trent Dilfer was a starting qb on a Super Bowl winner, let’s give him all the credit. Manning has played with some great skill players, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Remember the year Coach Dungy’s son committed suicide? The Colts were the best team in the NFL that year and then lost to the Steelers (on their way to the Super Bowl), why doesn’t the emotional toll of that season ever get mentioned?

      Go Manning!

      • Football is the only sport where the best quarterback is often measured by how many rings you have on a hand. Montana is usually the cream of the crop. Otherwise Marino is probably the most talented and he never gets mentioned ever. Being a quarterback is all about getting the job done in the 4th quarter. Who do you want to give the ball to when there are 2 minutes on the clock. Brady has been and still is the best in the business when it comes to being that guy to lead you to victory. He does it over and over again every week. By the way, think the Colts or Manning has never cheated? The Patriots were videotaping stuff….not exactly espionage.
        Go Brady!

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