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    Not being his “type” is likely exactly why Trump feels free to assault women

    From 29 Pictures Of Donald Trump With Women That Are Hard To Look At Now*

    It’s one thing to deconstruct and analyze and condemn the institutions of patriarchy and their flaws.

    It’s another one to feel their bruises on your skin, and their grasping hands pulling your hair and covering your mouth as you scream.
    Alice Minium

    Women quickly learn that rape is only a crime in theory; in practice the standard for what constitutes rape is not set at the level of experience of women’s violation but just above the level of coercion acceptable to men.
    Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

    In Trump’s world, there are only a few types of women — women he considers worthy for one reason or another and those who are nothing at all. There’s no in between here, as far as I’ve been able to tell and it doesn’t take much to cast a woman into the latter category. The primary requirements for the former are either looks or usefulness and best of all if she combines the two, like his daughter Ivanka or Hope Hicks. Not that I find either of them that much to boast about, but they do fit the criteria. Kellyanne Conway used to fit the description, but the internal corruption of all these years of selling her soul to this man has long since started to show on her face.

    The women he values, he either hires or marries. Ivanka comes into the “hired” category, although the way he behaves with her makes me wonder about that. Tiffany just barely makes the grade and she is pretty clear about how she really feels (one wonders how he got her to participate — threatened her allowance?) — this video is self-explanatory:  Tiffany turns away from dear old Dad. The ones he marries must merely be arm candy and the minute that physical attractiveness either slips (Ivana) or she stands up to him (Marla), out they go for a newer model.

    Those women Trump sees as nothing at all are not pretty enough, have no use to him, are too old, or have crossed him in even the slightest way. I could go down the list of women who have come forward and tell you exactly how each of them failed to be someone he values. The beauty pageant contestants whose space he invaded? He sees them as property, not as individuals, so he felt entitled. The women he groped on a plane? Strangers with no useful role to play and no long-term connection that might come back to annoy or inconvenience him. The Hispanic beauty queen who spoke out about him? Shall we list the insults, including calling her “Miss Housekeeping?” And then there’s Rosie O’Donnell. And any other woman like Megyn Kelly, who is about as good a person as anyone who spent way too much time on Fox as she did but who had the audacity to challenge him during the campaign. (All the insults: Trump insults women  and all the assaults — so far:  All the women who have come forward, brave souls). Let us also not forget that he shamelessly boasted about it:  The infamous pussy-grabbing — a transcript.

    There is a specifically sexual contempt that many men feel toward women who don’t meet their criteria and Trump is a prime exemplar of such. I experienced that particular brand of contempt when I was very heavy — men who wouldn’t touch me with a 10 foot pole still felt entitled to insult me in specifically sexual ways like groping a more attractive woman in front of me and sneering, for example. Or just looking me up and down in a contemptuous way — expressing their disdain for a woman who did not fulfill her one duty of being attractive enough to fuck. To these men, I was garbage. Not even fit to wipe their lust on and discard — like masturbating into toilet tissue that is later flushed away.

    It was this memory — many of them, really — that came to the fore when E. Jean Carroll came forward. Here’s the beautifully written excerpt from her book detailing the Trump assault, among others:  From ” What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal,” by E. Jean Carroll as the result of which we had the privilege of hearing Trump’s disclaimer that “she’s not my type.”

    I think that’s exactly why he raped her. And after 24 women have come forward, you can insert the “alleged” in there if you like. Go for it. I think 24 women is enough to make it all horribly credible.

    I think Trump and men like him see women who don’t make the grade as no more valuable than that toilet tissue into which they masturbate and then discard. These women aren’t people to such men. They’re a convenient assemblage of body parts, most of which can be used as a place to put the sacred penis. Before I gained all that weight, I experienced that, too, as a teenage street kid. I had my honest rapists — that’s what they were doing and they didn’t try to dissemble about it. But then I had the men who wanted to use me as a portable masturbation tool — oh, look, it walks to where I want it and then I can fuck it. Not unsurprisingly, I actually hate these men more than the overt rapists, although it’s a slim lead.

    All of this is part of the larger picture of our culture of rape and misogyny, a culture that sees abuse of women as so ordinary that it doesn’t make the news. A woman is beaten to a pulp — it doesn’t even make a ripple. And we’ve seen lately how few consequences there are for rape — as long as the rapist is a white man (no real consequences here).

    Now that Epstein has been reeled in again after being tapped on the wrist via a truly appalling series of machinations by men now appointed by Trump to powerful positions, we are taking another good, hard look at the Trump/Epstein connection, the civil suit brought by the then-13-year-old who “alleges” that they both raped her (Huffpost article with legal analysis of the Trump (and Epstein) civil child rape suit)** and the rest of Trump’s vile history with women and his relationship with a serial pedophile (The Trump/Epstein connection).

    We already know that his base won’t hold Trump accountable. He was horribly correct when he said he could shoot someone and still get votes from these people. But perhaps this will motivate Congress to move on holding him accountable — for Democrats to stop waffling and grow a spine and for the few remaining decent Republicans to stand up for what’s right after years of colluding in every bit of ugliness and civil betrayal they can.

    If they don’t, I am thinking women in this country may well just make sure that none of them return to their seats come the next election — or at least I most certainly hope so.


    * Link to original article with photo: https://www.buzzfeed.com/gabrielsanchez/29-pictures-of-trump-with-women-that-will-make-your-skin-cra

    ** (You can read the original court filing here: The court filing in PDF form).



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