• OMG, text me now

    Can we talk about bad communicators for a second? More specifically: bad texters. The biggest problems I have among my guy friends and I (and most definitely some girls) are either really bad texters or really good texters.

    I know what you’re thinking — she’s talking about texting in her column? She hasn’t posted a column in forever, and this is what she comes up with? Everyone’s writing about current events and she’s writing about her communication woes?

    Well, let me tell you that we live in a society where everyone’s glued to their phones. We’re either texting, or calling, or updating any form of social media there is, just so everyone can see how interesting our café vanilla frappuccinos from Starbucks are.

    No one cares what you’re eating or drinking. Stop posting about it.

    All these forms of instant communication have made us forget how to actually talk to people. When I’m texting someone and they just respond with “lol,” I know they aren’t laughing. When we’re talking face to face, you don’t laugh after everything I say. (You should though, because I am quite funny). I hate when people just send a “lol” text. It makes me think they don’t want to talk to me but thought they should send an obligatory text back just to be nice. Talk about a conversation killer.

    How can person be a really bad texter but can actually hold a conversation in person? Am I just boring via text? Is it because when you talk face to face, there’s almost a need to fill the silence? I think it’s easier to talk to someone in person than it is through a device (other than calling). I understand that hiding behind a phone/computer screen gives you more confidence to say something because you’re not looking that person in the eye. But being able to see the emotion on someone’s face and hear the tone of their voice makes it all that more special. We all crave real interaction with people even if it’s something as simple as telling the cashier which pump you need gas for.

    Another thing about bad texters is that they take forever to respond. They’re probably busy and I’m getting all flustered because they haven’t responded in five minutes. If you’re asking how I know it’s been five minutes, it’s because I stare at my phone until you respond. That’s my fault, not yours. Especially if I’m talking to a guy I’m interested in. If he doesn’t respond right away or with something of substance, I automatically assume he’s not interested. When I see him in person and he has so much to talk about, then I’m confused.

    I’m just starting to think that overall, communication has lost some of its oomph. I don’t ask for a lot, just a little something will do. I think we all can relate to feeling brushed off by some people from time to time. What makes it all worth it is when you have a really interesting and free-flowing conversation with someone that requires little to no effort, and it’s just great. You just know that those are the people you’ll go to when you actually want to talk.

    • So true.

      • Maya North

      • June 11, 2013 at 7:46 pm
      • Reply

      I am a rotten texter but a decent communicator. This may be a function of my advancing age 😉

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