• Overlooked and forgotten crimes

    Look what we’ve become. We are a nation that overlooks crime. Collectively, we turn a blind eye to crimes of every sort that run rampant in every city in every state across the country. We are all victims of real estate fraud, corrupt banking practices, unethical business practices and lying federal government officials that, although charged with the oversight of our security, have become part of the crime.

    Everybody knows the country is in financial crisis and everybody knows the root of this crisis stands squarely in banking practices and the housing market. Everybody also knows the corruption extends all the way to Capitol Hill. To top it off, everybody knows the corrupt government officials feel they are above the law. Now that I look at it this just might be the case.

    There are those living right here in my little town of Winters, California that have been defrauded out of thousands of dollars by corrupt business practices that have been in existence and used over and over again for decades and are still being used to this day. Across the country there are thousands upon thousands of people who have been defrauded out of millions and millions of dollars.

    Believe me, this is the truth. Take for example Countrywide Home Loans and its parent company, Bank of America. California Attorney General Jerry Brown led the charge against juggernaut mortgage lender Countrywide Home Loans, filing a lawsuit on June 30, 2009, alleging that the lender willfully deceived and misled clients by misrepresenting loan terms, payment increases and even affordability. Said Brown, “Countrywide’s lending practices turned the American dream into a nightmare for tens of thousands of families by putting them into loans they couldn’t understand and ultimately couldn’t afford.” The courts ruled for the state.

    With 40 states participating in the settlement, it was believed the ruling was sure to spell a degree of relief for families throughout the country who are struggling to make ends meet during those trying times. That was 2009 and most are still waiting for a settlement now in 2013. Those I mentioned living here in Winters are still waiting for justice they have all but given up on receiving.

    By now you are probably asking how many criminals have gone to jail for the commission of these crimes. This is an easy one to answer. Not one single person that I know of has spent a day in jail for crimes that have crippled the nation financially. I find that astounding and it really upsets me that the very worst of crimes are committed by respected businessmen, bankers and congressmen seeming to be above the law.

    You might ask why lawmakers have done nothing to stop these crimes but that’s an easy one to answer as well. Some of those charged with the laws of the land and its enforcement are part of the crime and will not take action against themselves. Congress looked into charges that some of its members were being paid off with millions of dollars of low interest loans. (As low as .5%)

    Here is the essence of the statement released after the investigation: “While these allegations concern serious matters, almost all of the allegations concerned actions taken outside, or well outside, the jurisdiction of this Committee…. because they occurred before the third Congress prior to the current Congress. In addition, several of the Members and employees mentioned in the allegations are no longer serving in or employed by the House, and therefore are outside the Committee’s jurisdiction.”

    Herein lies the problem. They’re afraid of crossing the financial industry and being defeated with the industry’s money. So they’re silent. Silent. Silent. Silent. Their rationale is: If I get defeated, I’m not going to be able to do anything. That’s what the problem is. If those charged with the law of the land cannot discipline themselves, who can enforce the law?

    Here comes the point where we get frustrated and throw in the towel. If that’s the way it is, we give up and everything gets overlooked. I would hope that just one individual will come forward and lead us to justice. At one point in time, I thought it would be our new President but I can’t see that happening now. Well that’s the way it stands, what do we do now?

    • Frustration all around. Sickening.

      • Ralph

      • March 19, 2013 at 4:35 pm
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      Sad to say it is not going to get any better, only worse….it will take not anly a change of attitude, it will take a change of heart………

      • Maya North

      • March 19, 2013 at 9:08 pm
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      This is part of why my husband is a part-time ex-pat. Although he’s just exchanging our problems for theirs, at least he’s in *their* country not *ours* so it’s *their* problem, not *his.* It’s not that he doesn’t care. He simply feels helpless and frustrated…

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