• Social distancing

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    Pre-debate, both Bernie and Joe hinted they were going to use this platform to bring the party together to beat President Perfect.
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  • Quarantined

    The positives of the Corona virus quarantine: 1. Some amazing staff at Hotel Travis, who, all day long are having to deal with angry people and bombarded with questions that they don’t know the answers to, but still manage to maintain a sense of calm...
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  • C of uncertainty

    Normally, a 15-day cruise to Hawaii would be one of those once in a lifetime dream vacations and our dream vacation was turning out to be quite fabulous, up until a couple of days ago when things took a drastic turn. We were supposed to...
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  • Bigotry unmasked

    It is the moment I get up from the wooden breakfast table looking out over a tropical beach, wind whipping and fish visibly rushing to meet a couple of anglers, that a flash of searing pain rips through me.  I’ve been breakfasting with my friend...
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  • Flat Tuesday

    On the eve of Lent season, I eagerly sat down in front of the TV with my traditional paczki, packed with lemony goodness straight from heaven.
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  • Wells Fargo crimes

    I swear, some people are so dumb. I can’t believe how dumb they are. They are way dumber than I am. The dumbest people I know are those who do their banking at Wells Fargo. The very minute you walk through the doors of a...
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  • Knives out

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    Michael Bloomberg wasn’t shredded by Warren alone. Everybody had a go at him. Yet Bloomberg was inexplicably unprepared, unapologetic and unimpressive.
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  • Tragedy, loss and survival

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer.” Well, it should have been, but just five weeks before Christmas, I received a phone call that a friend of mine had died by...
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  • Love in the Age of A.R.T.

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    “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said to the room, as I lay on my back on the exam table in position, knees up, heels resting in the stainless steel stirrups. “It’s a good day to get pregnant, don’t you think?” Dr. S and his physician assistant,...
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