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    • Terri Connett

    • October 24, 2020 in Columnists

    Projection or confession

    John Heilemann got my attention a while back when he characterized everything that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth as either projection or confession. I would go a step further and add ‘aspersion’ to that list. So if you soldiered through Thursday’s final debate, you were bombarded with lie after lie, revealing a lot about President I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I?

    Nobody doubts Trump and his family have enriched themselves on the taxpayer’s dime these past three-plus years. The only explanation for Trump’s obedience to Putin involves either a pee tape, or most likely Russian loans. So what does President Projection say?

    “Someday you’ll have to explain why your family got $3 million from Moscow’s mayor’s wife,” President Falsie fabricated. “Russia was paying you a lot of money and probably still are.”


    Sure, Trump refused to divest Trump Corporation and instead said he would let Eric and Don, Jr. run it. And yes, Ivanka got those lucrative Chinese trademarks. But President Columbo wants to know why Joe Biden’s son, brother, and his other brother are sucking money like a Hoover from everywhere. Trump referred to Joe’s two brothers in the same fashion later during his semi-controlled rant. I couldn’t help but think of the great Bob Newhart show with Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl.

    President Predictable replayed his greatest hits of falsehoods when questioned about COVID-19. “Nancy Pelosi was dancing in the streets in Chinatown, we’d have two million deaths if I hadn’t shut down travel from China, I’ve been congratulated by leaders around the world on how I’ve handled it, Dr. Fauci (a Democrat) got it wrong about masks, and we’re turning the corner,” spewed Trump.”

    Nobody believes there’s a corner in sight. When Kristen Welker asked about spikes, Trump sited three states where there were surges but now they’re gone.


    According to The New York Times in the last two weeks those states saw increases in cases; Texas by 16%, Florida by 26%, and Arizona by 55%.

    If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny when Joe Biden called Trump out for not taking responsibility for his handling of the virus. President Slippery said verbatim, “I take full responsibility. It’s not my fault. It’s China’s fault.”

    President Bone Spurs continues to imply he caught the virus from Gold Star families and in one of his most lucid lies, claimed people line up to hug and kiss him.

    But it was Vice President Joe Biden who stuck the Simone Biles landing when President Pitiless said of the virus, “we’re learning to live with it.”

    “No,” pounced Joe, “we’re learning to die from it.”

    Joe had a good night. He schooled Trump on tariffs when he corrected President Dimwit that the American taxpayer foot the bill for the farmer bail out, not China. Joe called out Trump on his account at Bank of China, to which Trump said, “Oh yeah, that was before I ran for president. I closed that account years ago.”

    When Biden chided Trump for not releasing his tax returns, Trump said he really wants to but, you know, he’s under audit. And apparently after huddling with pals like KellyAnne and Hannity, President Seven Fifty got back to us to say his guy at H&R Block informed him he’s pre-paid tens of millions to the IRS, who treats him very badly by the way. So there you go, no cheating to see here.

    With his trademark empathy, Joe shamed Trump’s administration for separating children from their parents at the border, with over 500 kids who have yet to be reunited with their families. President Apathetic hit back with his claim that Obama built the cages and those orphans are in pretty nice facilities.

    Oh and Obama spied on Trump’s campaign. Well actually I’m trying to grapple with the word ‘spied.’ Snooped? Bugged? Followed? Trump’s lap-dog attorney general couldn’t actually find any truth to that. But Trump’s sticking with it anyway.

    He’s also promising, after four years, he’s really, really close to a healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. Nobody’s been tougher on Russia. It’s unbelievably expensive to put plexiglass dividers in restaurants. Joe doesn’t really come from Scranton, and, are you ready? Joe Biden is selling pillows and sheets.

    Boy that My Pillow guy is pretty deep inside Trump’s head.

    When asked about how his behavior contributes to hate and racial strife in this country, he hung his hat on prison reform. “Nobody, other than possibly Abraham Lincoln, has done more for the black community than Donald Trump,” he boasted.

    He feigned ignorance about the origin and purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement. In his weirdly prepubescent voice he claimed, “The first I ever heard about Black Lives Matter is when I saw a march and they were chanting ‘pigs in a blanket’ about our law enforcement,” demurred the liar-in-chief.

    Okay that is a total falsehood and he’s had over seven years since the launch of the BLM movement to figure it out.

    After suffering through Trump’s non-racist-denial, in what I thought was Joe Biden’s best line of the night, he pointed Trump’s way and sarcastically said, “Abraham Lincoln over here.”

    Trump went nuts and repeated that he’s done more for the black community, blah, blah, blah.

    And in the second best line of the night, Joe put his head down and deeply sighed, “Oh God.”

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    • Love reading your summaries.

        • Terri Connett

        • October 26, 2020 at 9:17 am
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        And I love that you read my columns! Thanks for the support, Madge!! 🙂

      • Maya Stiles Parsons Spier

      • October 26, 2020 at 4:10 pm
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      I refused to wear anything red, white and blue since I was a teen because I was so furious about what we did in the world. Now? I’m beyond that by so far. If we don’t vote blue, I believe this planet will die. It’s that serious.

        • Terri Connett

        • October 26, 2020 at 4:53 pm
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        I’m with you, friend. Beyond scary.

      • Trump won

      • June 14, 2021 at 8:16 pm
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      Didint age well . Thank you for showing us the definition of confession through projection like a true narcissist.

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