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    • Kaila Charice

    • July 9, 2016 in Columnists

    Racism is skin deep

    I saw a photo that describes our nation perfectly: A black woman, tears streaming down her cheeks, with a nicely manicured white hand over her mouth.


    No one started hashtagging “All Lives Matter” until #BlackLivesMatter became a hashtag. Obviously all lives matter! However, all lives aren’t being routinely wrongfully battered. Black lives are. Hence the hashtag. By creating an all-encompassing hashtag we’re suppressing the main issue at hand and redirecting the focus as if we’re all treated equally. We’re not. #AllLivesMatter will only serve a purpose when there is zero racism left in this country. Until then, it just undermines those trying to create equality with #BlackLivesMatter.

    Our nation is in a state of outrage over videos of recent police brutality that continue to surface on social media, thanks to the convenience of the new Facebook Live feature and several others.

    There’s a man in Dallas shooting at police officers who haven’t necessarily abused their power, but because of the recent videos that have emerged, the common belief is that all cops are unethical and abuse their power, and this man doesn’t care if the policemen he’s killing are heroic or not, he’s shooting them because of their uniform. This does nothing to solve the problem of racism in this country; it just exacerbates discrimination.

    I heard a recent radio interview between a radio DJ and a cop. When asked about his thoughts on the recent shootings, the cop started to stutter and didn’t point any fingers. Outraged, the radio DJ exclaimed that this is why everyone hates all cops, because none of them stand up to point out when one officer has murdered someone in cold blood.

    The DJ then went on to explain that if he was listening to a radio show and believed the DJ was not doing a good job, he would say something, which begs the question — why don’t cops stand up and point out when an officer has clearly messed up?

    I agree with this DJ. While I firmly believe that not all cops are crooked, and I (being a white female) feel safe when I see police cars drive by, it would be nice to see officers standing up and admitting that these officers we’re seeing in these videos are just wrong and abusing their authority, and need to be punished.

    There needs to be better screening for police officers. If an officer shows even the slightest bit of discrimination, he need not be on the force. There should also be routine mental health checks throughout an officer’s span on the force. The job is definitely not easy, and can absolutely cause people to become jaded and biased based on their personal experiences, which can lead to discrimination.

    This article http://www.gq.com/story/police-psychologist-qa-texas-pool-party interviews a former black cop, now a police psychologist, about his experiences and thoughts on the police world.

    There are people out there who believe that racism in this country no longer exists, which is difficult to swallow when just recently a white man who raped an unconscious woman received six months in jail (and is expected to only serve three) and probation, but a black man of the same age and convicted of the same crime received 15-25 years in prison. It is appalling that this sort of racism is so prevalent in this society.

    A counselor recently asked me if I was comfortable with him helping me even though he’s black. I was so mortified by this question; his skin color has absolutely no reflection on his ability to assist me.

    I have no idea how I would feel if I were of another race or gender, but based on what I read, I realize that I am privileged because of my skin color. It’s disgusting that something so trivial as skin color is a factor in determining privilege.

    We are all the same species.

    I just don’t understand.

    Why is there still this much hatred in the world? What problems does this hatred solve? What proof is there that one skin color is superior?

    Much like sexual orientation, skin color isn’t something we can choose. There is absolutely no superior skin color, and hatred only creates problems, so what the fuck is the point in discriminating against certain skin? It brings zero benefit.




      • Maya Spier Stiles North

      • July 9, 2016 at 10:04 pm
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      Seems a lot like hating people for shoe size or fingernail shape, doesn’t it? Equally stupid. Even saying it out loud a few times underscores it — “they disliked her because of her SKIN.” If she had antlers, i suppose there would be a reason for at least initial consternation, but SKIN????? 🙁

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