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    • Amy Ferris

    • January 11, 2018 in Columnists

    Run Towards US

    This will be wholly unpopular, but, you know… so were rubber thongs for a while and now everyone wears them to the beach. Flip flop thongs, not panty thongs.

    I don’t think Oprah should run for President.

    Before you go all fuck you on me, please, hear me out:

    She gave a rousing speech. Rousing & extraordinary & all that grand great stuff. She said all the right words with just the right amount of emotion; words filled with amazing grace & beauty. But you know, there are a ton of women out there in the universe who give amazing come to Jesus speeches; who write amazing stuff, who walk the walk and talk the talk and inspire the shit out of all of us. Tons of women. Tons of women who do extraordinary things on ordinary days and share their stories and make us stand taller and stand prouder. And yes, tons of men for that matter. What Oprah did last night was fill us with unlimited hope. Self-worth and self-esteem and goodness by the fucking buckets. She filled us with much needed hope with a side of fuck yeah. A major side of fuck yeah. She filled us with pride and hope and holy mother of God, a gracious plenty.

    I lead writing workshops, and I know a bunch of amazing women – Goddesses, all – who teach writing workshops: Linda Schreyer, Laura Lentz, Lidia Yuknavitch, Pam L. Houston, Samantha Dunn, Amy Buck, Jen Pastiloff Taleghany, Beth Bornstein Dunnington, Blair Glaser, Sherry Amatenstein, Michele Filgate, Laura Davis… and good Goddess I could name a ton more but names escape me right now, and for years & years we have all been hearing and reading stories of bravery and truth, stories that break you open, crack you wide open written by women. Stories when spoken out loud have the most amazing power. Life changing power. They can change your life. That is brave squared. Courage personified.

    I adore Oprah; I think she’s the cats fucking meow, and I am so thrilled she speaks her truth and writes her truth and shares her truth and inspires us – each of us – to do the same. And I am also thrilled to pieces that there are tons of humans out in the world who do the same without fireworks & fanfare; women who inspire & encourage & hold the door open for so many others, whose shoulders we stand on, whose hands we hold, whose hearts beat for us and with us. The folks, the everyday ordinary extraordinary humans, who lift our spirits every single day with rousing speeches and amazing words and yes, hope.

    I myself would prefer Oprah to keeping running toward all of us, like she did last night, with open arms, reminding us all that we are worthy, we are necessary, we are mighty & fierce and we are all capable beyond belief of changing this world.

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