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    • Debra DeAngelo

    • November 15, 2014 in


    • My heart goes out the Kathie Yount. May no mother ever have to be in the same club. If it’s up to Kathie, no mother ever will.
      I live in New Orleans where every year Mardi Gras after Mardi Gras is a controlled crowd experiment, no one is hurt like Dylan Yount. A crowd here would not encourage a young man to jump. Even a drunk crowd would not.
      What is up with the San Francisco crowd that joined into cheering on an innocent man’s death?Sad even the SF Police were heard taunting Dylan.

    • Thank you lidine. I am tired but still fighting. It is remarkable that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is managed so well year after year. I think the people in San Francisco are in denial about the undercurrent of violence that is always there — I know their police and city lawyers certainly are. The anger and hatred of many there seems to be always just below the surface. Even in good times, many just want to destroy. Still, I believe if the police had NOT been present at Dylan’s suicide baiting, the crowd, itself, MIGHT have controlled the people yelling jump. As it was, everyone EXPECTED that the police would know what to do. It must be difficult for the good people there to discipline themselves.

      Your support for my efforts has been amazing since we first met. I adore you and your dedication to animals so much!. Your TNR work will influence others forever and is one of the most humane efforts I have ever heard about. You give me courage to keep fighting.

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