• SFPD takes four years to prepare defense for 2010 suicide baiting

    Only assholes defend suicide baiting. I ought to know. I have read every sorry-assed, disturbing psychopathic defense made for suicide baiting ever posted on the Internet while I have waited for the one to come from the San Francisco Police Department and its city lawyers.

    During this time I have concluded that the San Francisco city lawyers must work mighty hard to advise their employer that lawsuits (and city lawyer salaries, of course) are standard fees the city has to ante up regularly for police misconduct. I often wonder how city lawyers in San Francisco sleep at night, even though I have met just two of the six thus far assigned to prepare this defense.

    Likewise, I wonder how the business end of that codependent relationship – the SFPD – sleeps, and though I have diligently tried, I have yet to meet any one of them. Still, I know the police must work equally hard to convince everyone they cannot afford modern police training, much less an occasional review of their general policing orders (most written 20 years ago) on their annual 518 million dollar budget, 85% of which is divvied up for salaries. That is  just the budget God might use to stop suicide baiting if He could afford it.

    More alarming than discovering SFPD salaries, though, is reading their general orders (Google SFPD police orders). Although rights of onlookers (5.07) and SFPD obligations to the mentally ill (6.14) are included there, not a single reference to suicide baiting – or even to suicide – exists! The word suicide curiously never appears a single time in any SFPD police order, not even in “Critical Incidents,” Section 8.  Apparently, suicide is not critical in San Francisco; it is a regular non-incident there for the SFPD.

    Never mind that other departments maintain directives for “potential suicide by jumping.” Never mind that other departments operate more effectively with fewer resources and less money. Never mind how the knowledgeable and good police in Beverly, Massachusetts, quickly arrested two hecklers yelling, “Jump, you (expletive, expletive)” and “You won’t do it!” at a suicide baiting in 2011 “to keep the guy from getting killed” (Suicide Baiting Prevention, Notes:  Suicide Baitings by Decade: 2010 – 2019).

    My experience tells me the SFPD is incapable of telling the truth unless it is hauled off to court,  satisfied to be a department infamous for its blame the victim bias, smug in its sorry dynamic – the mentally ill deserve to die!

    I ought to know. I have occupied a reserved house seat to this horror since February 16, 2010, when the only laws the SFPD enforced that day were these:  the Law of the Jungle and the Law of Gravity, as at least 24 of them publicly stigmatized my mentally ill son, turned Hallidie Plaza into an instant arena for a state-sanctioned suicide baiting, and joined hecklers provoking Dylan Yount into killing himself until he did.

    Silence would be the weapon the SFPD would use against me, his mother. It would be seventeen weeks before I finally received their first pitiful account of my son’s suicide baiting. Upon reflection, Officer Cezar Perez had written, “The above officers and I took complete control of the above scene and did not let any pedestrians walk into the danger jump zone.”

    And no pedestrians did. None were injured, physically. The pedestrians had observed the police pacing off that jump zone and outlining it in yellow plastic police tape, and even if the officious Officer Perez had used a portable PA system to drown out all the noisy insults and mockery coming from some of them (which he did not), the official police message to the crowd would still have been unmistakable.

    This is your zone, pedestrians. THAT is the jumper’s zone. We have separated these zones with our official police tape. We will protect you from being hit by the jumper’s body. We have positioned the tape so that the jumper’s falling body cannot possibly reach you. Outside the boundary of the jumper’s zone, there will be safety for all of us! Whew!

    And there was. The pedestrians were safe from blame – and more significantly, from arrest – just as the police had promised. Some of them might never escape the guilt of their culpability, of course. And even more of them might never escape the lasting horror of what they had witnessed.

    I ought to know. I am still regularly seized by sudden panic, barely able to breathe when I see and hear again what Dylan saw and heard, also unmistakeable.

    This is your jump zone. We have separated you from the safety zone reserved for the onlookers and for us. We have outlined your zone with our official yellow tape. It will be physically impossible for you to jump outside your jump zone because we have positioned your zone directly beneath you, well out of your possible jumping capabilities for jumping into the onlookers’ safety zone. By landing here – inside your zone – you cannot hurt anyone besides yourself. Do you see how we have arranged for that, YOU FOOL? We are waiting. We. Are. Waiting. You cannot hurt anyone besides yourself. We are waiting. We will stand here until it is over.

    And they did.

    The fall of 2010 would later pass.  And that of 2011 and 2012 before I would finally have a copy of our first deposition, the 63-page testimony of Officer Cezar A. Perez, who reported he had heard “fat white boy,” and “Look at that white cracker up there.” On some level I already knew, of course, that an individual standing inside the density of a crowd that large would have been unable to hear every pejorative, but I had not heard those. He had also said he had heard, “I want to put this on YouTube,” and so had I on the filmmaker’s tapes.

    From Officer Perez, I would learn that he had been the first responder for at least ten other suicide attempts during his career, though I would not learn how it had turned out for those victims. When asked if he carried a bullhorn inside his squad car for just such an occasion as his encounter with Dylan, though, Officer Perez had stated confidently that he did not, adding emphatically, “If I did, I’d burst come eardrums!  My voice is pretty loud.”  Indeed, I had heard it.

    The lasting power of the document is astonishing. It can creep up and sucker punch me in the dead of night, violently bludgeoning me back into the frenzied and hellish chaos of the last hour of Dylan’s life. Recalling it can raise the hair on the back of my neck in broad daylight. If I ever write a screenplay based on it, I will surely not need to edit much. It is the amplification of everything encapsulated within the dialogue bubble of TOPTOM2010’s comic:  “That’s why they call ME the negotiator!”

    Yet I do still marvel often about Officer Perez’s contradictions, separated many times by pages and at others, mere lines. For example, at first he is sure he had never heard anyone yell “jump,” only to recall later how perhaps he had heard just one “jump,” and later still maybe more than just one time, and so on and so forth to his final recollection that he had heard “jump” many times from multiple people.

    I want to scream most, though, whenever I recall Officer Perez’s contradiction that he did not arrest anyone because he did not want to “distract” himself from his “mission” of saving Dylan – completely negating that claim almost within his next breath when he admits he knew nothing about encouraging, advising, and aiding someone to commit suicide being a felony!  Huh?  Oops!

    I have read it all.  That deposition and the others, along with the most vulgar and depraved filth ever extolling the idea that those who ride the “short bus” (urban dictionary, people) should be euthanized. While I readily admit no courtroom experience beyond teaching Twelve Angry Men or watching Judge Judy, I have begun to imagine what it might be like. . .

    “. . .Well, we did hear people insult Mr. Yount (respect, at last) by calling him a ‘coward’ and a ‘fat white boy’ and such, and at least one of us did join in the name calling by yelling, ‘YOU FOOL!’ and oh sure, we did only just – individually – agitate the bystanders standing right around us with our clever remarks such as, ‘Come on, you’re wasting our time!’ and other conversation starters such as, ‘He’s not going to jump!  He’s high,’ but – by golly – we did not make any arrests because.  .  .”

    The SFPD has wielded their weapon of silence far too long.  I ought to know.  I do not imagine I will be the only one to save this calendar date:  July 28, 2014, at 9:30 A.M. in Room 610 in the San Francisco Civic Center Courthouse.

    There are many who are anxious to hear this defense.



    • I truly hope they see that they needed to do more for Dylan and will implement this in their protocol for future incidents if they arise. They definitely could have tried to save Dylan and they apparently didn’t try.

      • They did not try. They were entertained. Not for a minute do I believe that San Francisco will write the Eulogy for Humanity. We will win IF we can get to court. What is ridiculous is that there must be a lawsuit for this. They should have told the truth in the beginning.

    • Something is definitely wrong in San Francisco Police Dept, SF Park Police & the Mayors office, also throw in SFACC. ( I’m serious)They all suffer from the same deficiencies.
      This needs to continually be brought to light.
      Maybe the July court date is the day the people of SF will see what is happening right under their noses.
      Kathie, sorry for your loss

      • I agree. We must always fight against injustice. When we become complacent, more injustice occurs. You have been a loyal friend and supporter, lidine. I have only known you AND madgesw for some months, but you are both as good as friends as anyone could ever expect. My gratitude. I’m tired of this, but I think I can do it!

      • dlc

      • February 19, 2014 at 1:37 pm
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      Can you quote the actual law these “suicide baiters” broke? Why blame SFPD for the actions of stupid people when they were not breaking any laws? SFPD officers are under constant criticism for violating peoples rights and here you are demanding that they should have. I am sorry for you loss but your son obviously had some severe issues that led him to that ledge and to ultimately jump. I hope God can help you heal and release the need to find someone to “blame” for what happened that day.

      • dic,

        The SFPD did not enforce California Penal Code 401. Suicide baiting is illegal in all states. It is considered manslaughter in 10; it is a felony in most others. I did not write the law. Studies have shown that 90% of those who attempt suicide, but survive, go on to live normal lives. I most certainly DO blame the SFPD for my son’s death.

    • Please support Suicide Baiting Prevention at https://www.facebook.com/SuicideBaiting CrowdPrevention?ref=ts

    • Sorry, I accidentally spaced and broke the URL! https://www.facebook.com/SuicideBaitingCrowdPrevention?ref=ts

      • Dlc

      • February 19, 2014 at 10:08 pm
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      401 PC is intended to prosecute people who “deliberately”…”encourages” one to commit suicide. Yelling out from a crowd of onlookers would be a very hard case to prosecute and would be defended as “freedom of speech”. With limited resources and the focus on negotiating with the suicide victim police would be I’ll advised to waste valuable time and personnel on trying to arrest every idiot yelling out. Negotiating is way more likely to prevent the suicide then trying to arrest everyone who may have committed a crime. Your son took his life not the police and very unlikely because of the shouts of fools. Again…I hope God heals your pain…

    • Were you there, Dlc? Shouting jump WAS a deliberate activity. Have you heard of the William Melchert-Dinkle case? Encouraging suicide was deemed not to be a free speech activity, but “fighting words,” and speech that “incites.” There were twenty-four officers there. They didn’t arrest any idiot–or felon–there. The whole point of the column was that the SFPD refuses to become CIT trained. They have THE highest salaries in our nation. I also do not believe your are sincere in your wish that God would heal my pain, and I totally resent your arrogance when you clearly are unfamiliar with what happens at a suicide baiting. There are eleven exceptions to free speech. Before you comment, you might think of doing a little research.

    • Our trial is scheduled to begin August 25, 2014, in San Francisco’s Civic Center Courthouse with the Honorable Judge Cynthia Ming-mei Lee presiding.

    • We are scheduled now for a start date of August 25, 2014.

    • We have been dismissed for a jury trial at Superior Court level. We are currently filed in the First District Court of Appeals, San Francisco (September 2014). Will San Francisco become the first city to UPHOLD suicide baiting? I do not know. I cannot imagine.

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