• Siamese candidate

    by Matt “Naj” Najmowicz

    By the time you read this column, the first presidential debate will be over with. There will be mass hysteria and media driven drama, and yet you will not hear a coherent plan or discussion about how to move forward as a nation. I am willing to bet that you watched the debates, and could not tell one man differently from the other in regards of government policy.

    Let us go back a few weeks ago to the conventions. The conventions are such a gallant affair with politicians from both sides of the aisle talking about why they are Republican or Democrat and giving their resumes during their speeches. Granted, everyone from the Left seemed to love the Bill Clinton speech (Joe Biden’s speech was way better in my opinion), and there were a few speeches from the Right that seemed to tickle the fancy of those of the political ideology. That is nice I suppose, but my question is: did they ever say anything that was going to help you? Did you hear a single policy thrown around that caught your eye or ear? Was there something that Chris Christie or Elizabeth Warren said that really was going to change your life? Probably not.

    Last Wednesday, you saw Mitt Romney and Barack Obama go at it mano y mano. I am going to help you out tremendously with the following piece of advice. When you watch the debates, do not take everything they say to heart. Do not have your hopes up. Do not have a large expectation. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. Nothing of substance will be said tonight that will light the world on fire. And how can it, it is not even a real debate.

    Ever watch a real debate? On YouTube, they have real debates with a real back and forth between the opposing viewpoints. Look up any Intelligence Squared debate, and you will see an actual difference of opinion. The debaters are given a 90-second statement with 30-second rebuttals, not exactly a ton of time to see dialectic of ideas. Oh wait, am I saying that the debate is not going to show much of a difference between the incumbent and challenger? Yes. There will be no major policy disagreements between Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. I will tell you what they are really quick.

    The incumbent and challenger both agree on the so-called Romneycare/ Obamacare. The only difference in the policies is that one was applied only statewide and the other policy is a national health insurance. No dumb dumb, it is not socialized medicine. It is real health insurance that you will need to buy, or you get fined/taxed. Workers’ unions are in their final death knell, not even the mighty Chicago teachers’ union or the public workers’ union in Wisconsin was going to get any major backing from their party. I mean, the Republicans just want unions gone from public and private sectors and most unions’ rationale for siding with Democrats is that the Democrats make a tacit point that they are not as bad as their opponents. As an aside, I still cannot get a single person to tell me what the Democratic platform runs on. I am a Leftist political junkie who passed moderately well in his political science classes and I could not answer the question: what does the Democratic Party stand for?

    Education in this country is a joke. I am glad both sides of the ideological spectrum agree. I am also glad that both sides are going to say the same thing. They will say something to the effect of that it is bad and we are going to save it. How? Fire people, it is a simple platform. I know Uncle Matt (me…nickname from an ex-girlfriend) is talking crazy again. Let me reassure you that I haven’t been drinking. Under President Obama’s communist regime, Comrade Obama applauded Central Falls, Rhode Island for firing everyone in a failing high school in a community that was poor and had a lot of immigrant students. Even the janitors were fired. They fired everyone, renegotiated contracts; they hired half the old teachers and put new ones in. Problem solved right? Things are still horrible in Central Falls for many reasons and the school curriculum is just a byproduct of another ideology that is going on, one that Democrats and Republicans have embraced for over forty years whether they tacitly participated or became a willing agent in this ideology’s stranglehold on American life.

    The overt plutocracy is here, and they call the shots. You think Obama or Romney is really going to resurrect the economy? Do you think they will stop the standing army and dismiss them? Do you think that they will solve the social mobility crisis? Do you think you are still middle class? When was the last time you had a raise? What happened to your 401k retirement plan? Did your company have a stock inversion too? Want to work till you are eighty paying off your student loans? Guess what, this is the world. You can be diagnosed with a health problem, survive that problem, and then spend the rest of your life paying off the debt. Your children can be paying off your debts, plus theirs.

    Is there anything that Mitt Romney or Barack Obama can say that will give you hope? No. I voted for Barack Obama and I don’t regret it. However, there are powers at work that totally paralyze us politically as a nation. Between the Citizens United decision and the rise of Ayn Rand being en vogue again, it is going to be a long and hard winter for us.

    Want a piece of advice? Watch the debate like it is an infomercial. Be entertained, grab your popcorn and be ready for Romney’s zingers. He has allegedly been working on them for a few days. You won’t hear of a plan or a real policy debate, however, you will be entertained.

    • I was not even entertained. O’Reilly and Stewart did a much better debate and it was great and funny. Great article Matt.

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