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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • December 16, 2015 in Columnists

    Skyrim, GOP debates, and other small matters like a crumbling world

    A country side view of the video game Skyrim

    A country side view of the video game Skyrim

    After watching the CNN GOP debates, I learned something valuable. None of the candidates are different. Show me one point where they really disagree. Show me a difference and I will show you, man or woman, who will obey the military and the wealthy oligarchy. If the Koch brothers or the Pentagon say, “Bomb this country,” they will all reply “Yes, Massa.”

    I don’t need someone with a political science degree to blow up my email saying, “Well, Kaisich is more moderate.” Yeah, okay. That guy will obey our ruling class. All of them will, like Obama for the most part.

    Obama has cut taxes, size of government, dropped bombs, deregulated, deported, and so on. Deal with it, liberals. He had one shining moment with healthcare even though that bill was a massive boon for the healthcare industry.

    While I listened to all the dumb-dumbs “debate” on CNN, I really asked myself when should I just put on some music and play Skyrim. For those who are not in the know, Skyrim is a very popular video game amongst the Millennials, of which I am one, and is an incredible time sink (a time sink is an activity where you devote a lot of time to complete said task).

    Why do we play Skyrim? Because Skyrim offers a virtual freedom to be who you want to be much like the online computer game World of Warcraft. I suppose a virtual freedom is better than a lack of freedom. Perhaps it’s “not so much freedom” is the issue. If you’re wealthy in America, you get to do pretty much whatever you want. I think me and my friends don’t believe in the American Dream — that dream in which you can move up the ladder and achieve your happiness. That was Thomas Jefferson’s dream, correct? The Pursuit of Happiness? Now I have to play an Imperial magic user to feel any emotional satisfaction of success.

    It’s so goddamn stressful to feel like a rat in a cage. The worst of it is that those who rule us really don’t know what to do. They’re clueless. Pick a presidential candidate and I will tell you why he or she will have no plan, or even worse, they have a plan but they can’t implement it because our government structure is just too slow to effect change.

    Academics call economics the dismal science and Henry Adams called politics the organization of hatreds. Both of these ideas side-by-side seem correct. Everyone is pissed off, dismal, angry, doesn’t know what to be angry at, will put down the weak, will step on people and the like. It’s really something to see — the decomposition of the human race, spirit and sense of brotherhood.

    I’m not saying that people were once like a kindergarten class in which everyone shares, sings songs, and then takes a nap at 1 p.m. That’s called Europe (oh Uncle Matt, sick burn). I am saying people are more like Baby Boomers. They sing “all we need is love” and worship John Lennon. Then they all become bankers or create the IPod and ruin the world in the process (another sick burn). From free love comes free trade?

    I think about things like this while playing Skyrim.

    I’m a moving mediation guy. When I am in motion, my mind is like the Millennium Falcon — R2D2 turns that little thingy and all of the sudden goes into light speed. Some of my other nerdy friends are the same way. They find their groove and are able to think deeply upon subjects.

    I’m not saying that if we all played video games, that some lucky person comes up with a good social theory or political ideology. But that’s exactly what I’m saying. The stinky cheese of the situation is that ideas don’t come in the form of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or even people I sort of agree with like Larry David aka Senator Bernie Sanders aka (I call him this on my social media) Brother Bernie.

    I do like Brother Bernie but I’m afraid that the problems we face as a nation and also a globe are just too big for a democratic socialist. Maybe if we send Bernie Sanders an X-Box, Skyrim, a little internet porn, and energy drinks he will come up with something brilliant. On the other hand, Brother Bernie’s voting record in the senate, just look it up. And then you’ll be like “well I know he voted that way but…” and that “but” is your refusal to see reality. He’s a politician I like, but still a politician that obeys the military.

    JFK was the last guy to disobey the military and I think that’s why there is currently a hole is in head (fucking right — I said it).

    I want to live in a world of universal freedom. We can feed the world. We can make huge strides to end bigotry and ignorance. We can ensure liberty for all mankind. And yet everyone in the GOP debate talks about being tough to Vladmir Putin, China, Syria, and anyone else who stands in front of American Exceptionalism (it’s really American Imperialism).

    That’s why the kids check out and play video games while listening to loud music. And the world continues to smolder into an ash heap.

      • Jesse Loren

      • December 17, 2015 at 9:07 am
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      Matt, the 50 year old set has been caged rats long before you. “Despite all my rage I’m still a rat in a cage” is ours. How old were you in 1995? We are rats with you, older, slower rats.

      As to the boomers and iPod. I couldn’t agree more. Much of the inventions from the boomers, iPod, internet, and later Facebook, are all time sinks that don’t help us, instead they are isolating. Imagine if our evolution of a species could catch up to our evolution of capitalism, we would probably use things differently, instead we are bald great apes with remotes and phones.

      And you are right about American “Exceptionalism” being a euphemism for Imperialism. We have a media driven distortion field that doesn’t allow us to see ourselves for who we are. We are a warmongering bunch of knuckle draggers and mouth breathers who refuse to look at: Our new socialism of funneling money to the rich, Our pretend equality where women are underpaid, under represented, not given maternity leave and allowed to be a harassed class when seeking healthcare. Racism is thriving not dying. There’s a big whole in the middle class and opportunities to buy a house or have what the Am dream used to mean. Young adults are funneled to war as an opportunity to pay for college. College is made unaffordable, and no pay off or rarely a payoff afterward through employment, we are creating refugees and enemies with our actions, and we are numb too it, just numb. Maybe we should call it, “American Acceptionalism” because we accept this shit as food and make little to no fuss.

      I’m with you here! I just think the race for president isn’t as important as changing congress. Congress has to change.

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