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    • Donald Sanders

    • March 9, 2016 in Columnists

    Slander and personal attacks won’t repair Putah Creek

    I am upset with the recent internet attacks on the Solano County Water Agency, the City of Winters City Manager John Donlevy and Streamkeeper Rich Marovich. The “Putah Creek Wildlife Stewards” and other Facebook users continuously display slanderous statements aimed at the above mentioned and their restoration efforts at Putah Creek. Statements like: “They are destroying the creek” and “The reality is that most have a really hard time justifying the destruction of this place. Many wonder if the 1.5 million is ready to go to into the pockets of those involved is part of the equation but we hope is not” are ridiculous and uncalled for.

    I don’t know much about the Putah Creek Wildlife Stewards, but what I have seen of them, I don’t like all that much. Their outside appearance is one of a group of people concerned with the health of our wildlife, but if you look closer, things become suspicious. They seem to think we need their twisted definition of progress while they are the only ones who stand to profit from their particular interpretation. The way they snidely imply that people involved in the restoration work at Putah Creek may have their hand in the till sickens me.

    Where in the hell did that come from? Other statements are just as ridiculous. “They are destroying wildlife habitat” and “Don’t wait too long to see him (a bird)” “The Solano County Water Agency is determined to bulldoze this entire area, with the blessings of our city staff and city council.” This is a narrow-minded misconception of what the restoration project is in the middle of doing and it’s aimed at the health of the creek as a whole.

    While the Putah Creek Wildlife Stewards seem more concerned with individual animals (they are important), the restoration project is aimed on a larger scale at the whole community of animals and their healthy living environment, free from a century or more of man’s abuse of Putah Creek. To insure a healthy environment, it is essential that the creek be returned to its natural state. Your efforts to abort the restoration work at Putah Creek are like a little kid that didn’t get his lollypop.

    You have resorted to attacks on the character of Streamkeeper Rich Marovich and City Manager John Donlevy without justification or reason. You know very well that you have avenues to voice any complaints you may have, but you’ve chosen the low road where you can take a jab and run back into your dark hole where you surely reside. This type of behavior is not within the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood that this nation was founded upon. There are two sides to everything and everybody has their opinion, so there is no call for personal slanderous attacks.

    Most people who insult other people are insecure. I call it “The Little Man Syndrome.” They are little on the inside, so they put others down to build themselves up. They think it will make them feel better if they put someone else down, or they insult other people to take attention off themselves. Sometimes people who are angry insult other people because they are not mature enough to think of a different way to handle their anger except to try to start a fight or try to make the other person feel bad.

    Mature people can communicate with others without insulting them. Any ideas can be discussed between mature adults without fighting or insulting each other. Mature people can “agree to disagree” and give each other the right to have different opinions.

    On a larger scale, humanity as a whole is impotent. I am as certain of this as I have been certain of anything in my entire life. As a species, we are helpless. We’re unable to do anything to help ourselves or anyone else. We’re unable to complete even the easiest of tasks simply because we are unable to agree on anything. Any power we might have is divided, diluted and spread about, rendering it ineffective and weak.

    History teaches us the lesson that the actions taken in the past do not necessarily have the concerns of the future in mind — thus we have years of man’s abuse of the creek. A society that cannot function enough to fix its mistakes will give rise to “individual actions” such as yours. That’s okay. Running your mouth is within your rights, but try to stay out of the way when the big boys are fixing the damage that society has done to the creek.

    • Well, Donald… I am, of course, in complete disagreement with you on nearly every point. But I respect your right to express your opinion. I know the creek is very important to you, and I admire all the work you have done there. Your heart is in the right place.

      • Yes Ma’am, I know your heart is in the right place too but You are wrong and I am right. Ha. I don’t think Madge knows who to side with on this one. 🙂

      • Jody Burton

      • March 9, 2016 at 2:24 pm
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      Don, I enjoy the way you express yourself. The work that has been done to restore Putah Creek is amazing and so pretty. Keep on keep’in on.

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