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    • Crystal Apilado

    • January 31, 2015 in Bloggers

    Snotty cats snub tablet apps

    In a world where my 2-year-old daughter can swipe on my smart phone to find the YouTube app, I eagerly accepted a challenge to get a photo of my cat playing with an app on my tablet for an article. If a red laser light could cause my feline much entertainment and frenzy, why not an app? I mean, come on, I can spend hours playing Maleficent Free Fall.

    I did my research (Googled it) to find the top Android Apps for Cats. I opted for two free games. One was a catch the mouse type game and the other was a catch the swimming fish type game. My boy cat completely snubbed it. He’s a regal cat who I adopted straight out of Orange County. He’s pretty and he knows it. I was obviously out of line in assuming that he would be entertained by some freaky cartoon mouse darting around the screen. The best acknowledgment of the game that I could get from him was a consistent back turn to it. No matter how many times I tried to show him the game, touch it to make the mouse squeak, or slide it unsuspecting into his line of sight, he gave it the cold shoulder and didn’t break his gaze out the back sliding glass door.

    That’s when I turned to my cranky lady cat. I’ve caught her trying to catch Nemo, the lovable clown fish, on the television set before, so I figured I’d at least have some luck with her. I tried the freaky cartoon mouse game with her first. To my delight, or perhaps for my benefit, she sniffed the screen and tracked the mouse with her eyes. I thought she was about to actually lift a paw to swipe at it but she quickly put it back down. She sat down and continued to stare at it. I was slightly concerned the bright yellow of the cheese wedge background might burn her retinas so I switched it to the mellow catch the fish game.

    The fish swam around at a more graceful speed and she curled up right next to the tablet watching the fish. Again, I thought for sure she was going to give me my golden ticket. I waited patiently with my camera on action mode just waiting for some paw movement. One minute passed, then two and three. It felt like hours, but the reality was that after three and a half minutes of gazing at those swimming fish, she nestled her head down on the tablet screen for a cat nap. Perhaps it was just too zen for her. Perhaps my cats are just too snotty for fancy schmancy tablet apps and prefer to stick with the old school milk bottle cap and cardboard box toys.

    I did grab a photo of her at least looking interested, for a hot minute, with the swimming fish app. There must be some cats out there interested in apps, just not mine. On the flip side, my toddlers think that catch the fish game is awesome. And, they think they are cats.

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