• Something a helluva lot larger than life is coming to iPinion on Friday

    The episodic adventure, “The Untitled,” is collectively written by the iPinion Syndicate team members. On Friday, February 8, we’ll introduce you to a world that could only be brought to life by the extraordinary, collaborative efforts of nearly 20 writers, each one “tagging” another to add one more paragraph to the unfolding story.

    Chapter One features a hitchhiking assassin, a transvestite-vampire-spy, two quasi zombie nurses covered in Thousand Island dressing, a stuttering deputy, scores of dead bodies, a three-legged pig, two people with prosthetic arms and the briefcase that everyone is chasing.

    The world has never seen anything like it. And this Friday, it’s exclusively yours for the taking at www.ipinionsyndicate.com <http://www.ipinionsyndicate.com/> !

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