• Space invaders

    “What the hell …”

    “They can’t do that!”

    The rushmorevote billboards – popping up like boils throughout the country – are confusing and misleading.

    Contrary to their assertion that a vote is pending on which face to add to the iconic Mt. Rushmore – Bush or Obama – there is no space for a face, and there most certainly is no actual interest in “updating” the monument.

    The individuals aka waste-of-living-space behind the movement could be the same as those sought to add Mickey Mouse in the past.

    Why do I care enough to write about it? Because I’m a busy gal. The time I spent researching the billboard backstory is time lost. The trolls have interloped into my personal time continuum, and I am not pleased.

    Presumably, that is their intent. How many people can they get to visit/vote on their website? How many likes can they get on their Facebook page? How many trolls does it take to screw in a light bulb? (The last is a trick question. They live in darkness.)

    Now that I have reached my RDA of rant, I bid you good day.

    • I would never believe they were adding a face. There is no money for it and a waste of time to even bother thinking about it. Liked your fact finding mission.

    • Sometimes, my curiosity too damn strong to ignore, especially since I drive by it five days a week. 🙂

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