• Stand with Us for Gun Safety!

    Every day in America, 8 children are killed by guns. 
    There are 4 million NRA members in this country. There are over 80 million moms, not to mention dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers and friends. 
    Who holds the power here?

    The above photo is of my little brother Christopher, who was shot at seven years old. He survived, but is forever damaged by the violence inflicted on him. As I wrote in my article, A Single Bullet, if we offer words of consolation to victims but do nothing to change this epidemic of gun violence, we are no better than the gunman.  That’s why I’m proud to announce that I’m now a volunteer with ONE MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE. I’ve been watching the ONE MILLION MOMS movement closely, and have been very impressed with both their message and their actions. You can become a member with one click, and help them spread their message.

    1million momsFrom the ONE MILLION MOMS website:
    One Million Moms for Gun Control supports the Obama administration’s proposal to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, as well as proposed universal background checks for all gun purchasers. We call on lawmakers to also consider regulating and tracking ammunition, as there is currently no system in place to do so.
    One Million Moms for Gun Control will now apply pressure to members of Congress to move quickly to pass these measures. We call on House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the proposed bills to the floor for a vote in both houses of Congress, leaving partisanship aside in the interest of American families. This legislation must be passed – not debated or diluted. We will not allow special interests to obscure the issue: the safety of America’s children and families are our priority.


    Shannon Watts, Founder, One Million Moms for Gun Control
    See Shannon on MSNBC.

    Today, (Saturday, January 19th) One Million Moms for Gun Control launches our new campaign “How Do You Wear Your Heart?” We want moms across the country to express their love for their children AND their demand for new gun control laws.

    Decorate your heart, add your child or children’s names or initials, and wear it proudly. We encourage creativity: crayons, fabric, and different materials. Pin your heart over your heart and wear it publicly in support of One Million Moms for Gun Control.

    We ask moms, dads, grandparents and anyone participating to take pictures of themselves wearing their pin and use those pictures as their Facebook profile. Share them with us by emailing them to photos@1mm4gc.org or Tweet/Instagram them using the hashtags #howdoyouwearyourheart and #1MM4GC.

    1mmgc heart

    Won’t you join us, and stand up for the safety of America’s children? It’s as simple as clicking here, and then spreading the word.

      • Maya North

      • January 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm
      • Reply

      Going there. Joining. For Christopher. For Sophia. For us all. XXXOOO

    • Behind this a 100% and love the creativity of the heart. Down with the flu but will do this when I recover.

      • Peggy

      • January 24, 2013 at 9:17 am
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      Proud to join One Million Moms. I want to see ammo taxed. Gasoline, alcohol, cigarettes, cars, luxury items all are taxed. Owing a gun is a privilege NOT a right. Driver’s licence, fishing licence, hunting licence gun carry permit and yet no ban on assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines. We are better than this.

      • Gloria Torres

      • January 28, 2013 at 8:01 am
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      I am so honored to join the one million moms. I am a mother of three girls and a son, during labor day weekend September 04,2010 my son was robbed at gun point and even after he had given all that he had he was shot, he was to leave to the Navy September 22,2010. His friends assaulted and injured. The thuggs who shot him where 18 and 21 one had two open warrants and had previously shot someone else. My initial question how is it possible for these men to obtain guns so easily in the streets without a trace, For so long i have thought of ways to get involved be heard be the voice of my son a victim a brutal crime and somehow make a difference. When I saw what happened in Connecticut i was sobbing with the rest of the world, i felt the pain of those parents it hit so close to home.

      • Angela B

      • April 16, 2013 at 11:12 pm
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      I read an article in Time January 2013 concerning Gun Control. Globally, other countries have taken serious measures in the wake of all the mass shootings, including bans on assault weapons and ammunition with considerable reductions in gun violence. The other countries have implimented extensive background and mental examinations, strict regulations, and penalities for violations regarding gun ownership. Americans need to wake up to the current, serious threats we as a society face. America is the most heavily armed nation in the world. I don’t think the Framer’s of the Constitution envisioned America this way. Americans killing each other in senseless acts of violence, nor or all the innocent victims that have been injured or killed as a result, in public areas and schools. We have a serious problem as a nation. Our President and our government officials need to take action. Our country needs to respond to the epidemic in a constructive, logical way. Otherwise, gun violence, mass shootings, and the death toll will continue to increase over all. Not only that, but 3D printers to manufacture weapons are a current issue as well now. New legislation needs to been enacted to address that panadora’s box as well. I enjoyed reading your article. All the information you provided for One Million Moms for Gun Control is great. It would be great if you could get this information into the school systems and churches to assist in this effort. I will be joining your effort. Thank you!

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