• “Street Preacher”

    Street Preacher

    ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2010. All rights reserved.

    A scantily-clad young woman taunts a pair of street preachers on Market Street, San Francisco, CA. 2010.

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    • I LOVE THIS PHOTO! I have taunted these guys myself – at Bay to Breakers a couple years ago, they positioned themselves in the middle of the starting area, and as I passed one of them, I said to him, “Jesus doesn’t love you when you judge people.” He just stood there like a stone, like he was a Beefeater protecting the Royal Castle.

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        • March 2, 2011 at 4:42 pm
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        Glad you like it Debra…it certainly was a fun one to photograph. I stood there for a long time and witnessed the interaction of the crowd with these two and they were not warmly welcomed to say the least…

    • Super great photo, and i’m not exagerrating. My typos do not diminish how much your photo rings true in my ears, and the rest of my body. My wife Linda and I have several photos of the gay-bashers who tried to scare us away from San Fransisco City Hall. We were one of the couples that got married there in 2004, only to have our liscence invalidated by, oh…i’ve lost track.

      We did get married in yolo county the day before the 2008 election when prop 8 was passed. We are legally married in Calif, but not anywhere else.
      And the Fed does not recognize our legal status so no social security for linda after I die. A cure for ALS, according to the biggest big wigs of ALS researhers, will not be ready for humans in the next twenty years or so. Unless, a patient is part of clinical research. Most of the trial drugs so far have either made humans look like drooling white mice, or they grow wheels on the bottom of their feet–a Darwinian effect.
      I’ll stop now because I just realized this could food for a hungry column
      ….cheers & chicken wings,Cathy

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