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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • February 2, 2017 in Columnists

    I suffer fools poorly

    I recently deleted a guy from Facebook for being a moron. I never should have friended him at all, but at the time he was a staff member where I was staying, and I wanted to keep tabs on him. Unfortunately, the standards for being a staff member are not what they could be.

    He described me as a “liberal fuck” (thank you!), and stated that he had been watching me whine, bitch and complain about the election.

    We started out discussing the Women’s March, and he said he would not send his wife or daughters off to war, not because he didn’t believe in equal rights, but because he didn’t want them killed.

    Ummm. “SEND” a wife or daughter? He’s from the South, so I assume he means he wouldn’t pluck them from being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, and let them pursue a legitimate career of their own free will?

    I see.

    I don’t often whine, far too often wined, but I am in stark terror for our country.

    A much better candidate with experience, but also with skeletons, and mostly because of the Russians and the director of the FBI (who has been retained in his job), won the popular vote by three million votes, but lost the vote in the Electoral College. That’s the system we have, but if electoral college votes were apportioned by population, the results would have been different, and we would not be embarked on this dangerous and embarrassing course.

    No less than the abominable Chris Christie has said publicly that POTUS has not been well-served by those around him, as he trots out all these nominees. Well, when one surrounds oneself with idiots, one gets idiotic results, n’est pas?

    I suggested that we wait and see, that a campaign — particularly one so long on cheerleading and short on substance — did not necessarily translate to the pragmatism of governing. Many of Trumpty Dumpty’s supporters said the very same thing.

    I waited. I was (necessarily) blind, but now I see.

    I did not pre-judge him, despite all the signs that would have allowed me to do so. I am not angry at the election now — I am angry at what he is doing to the country.

    However, I could be angry at the voters. My oldest son said it best, perhaps: “Well… I hope you’ll all join me in not allowing America’s D students to elect our President again. Who else could have looked at the W Presidency and said ‘let’s double-down?'”

    That apple perhaps never left the tree. Brings a tear to my eye very often…

    Back to current events.

    ~  A man who was denied a Federal judgeship because of his bigotry is poised to become the Attorney General of the United States.

    ~  A woman who is the antithesis of public education is set to become the Secretary of Education.

    ~  An ignorant conspiracy-theorist is set to take a place on the NSC, displacing two national security professionals.

    ~  Overall, a cabinet of rich, white, corporate males is set to run the country, despite Ike’s warning about the military/industrial complex.

    Opposing Trump and what he stands for is not a political decision — it is a moral decision.

    For instance — the Muslim ban on travel to the US. Seven countries. The vast majority of terrorists who have attacked the US have been from Saudi Arabia. Of course, Saudi Arabia is therefore #1 on the travel ban, right? Wrong. Unlisted. I am sure the fact that Trump has significant business interests in Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with it.

    So, now the Democrat and Bernie are forced to assume the mantle of the Party of No. I hope they learned their lessons well over the last eight years.

    Of course we all remember when the GOP leaders in the house and senate stated that their number one goal was to make sure Obama failed. I don’t think that’s in their oath of office, which they swore on their beloved Bible.

    Remember Merrick Garland? Undebated, let alone voted upon, for SCOTUS?

    Ah, yes.

    And I don’t even want to consider those idiots who say their health care is provided by the ACA but we should get rid of Obamacare.

    The aforementioned “D” students.

    And the outrage over Executive Orders seems to have disappeared now that it’s not the Kenyan bastard making them, huh?

    In short order (two days!), Trump has alienated Australia, Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

    Why does he use Twitter so much? Obviously, 140 characters are the limits of his thought processes when he doesn’t have a speechwriter pulling his strings.

    Courtesy of RedState

    I apologize to those who doubted my suggestion that we wait and see. I was wrong, you were right.

      • Francis Fredette

      • February 3, 2017 at 5:47 am
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      You summed it up pretty darn well. Agree 100%.

      • Michael W Goudelock

      • February 3, 2017 at 7:26 am
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      Tom. I was a staff member at the rehab you where at. You know, the one you currently live in. It’s amazing to me how you can spin a story to be one-sided to support your own views and opinions. As far as “standards for being a staff member” are concerned, I was and am a far better pick than you are, ever have, or ever will be. And there is ACTUAL proof of this. See, you somehow found your way into the staff meetings although you did nothing to earn a job. And you lasted two staff meetings. Two. That’s two weeks. Because you continued to drink alcohol AT REHAB. I bet the one or two readers you have don’t know that, do they? You’re a self-proclaimed political scientist but tell me, how is that possible? Do you have credentials to back that? Or is it a title you give yourself for posterity? I’m guessing the latter. Oh, and the “send my wife and daughters off to war” comment. Yes, I’m from the south and we have this thing called integrity and pride. When I say I would not “send them off” what I mean is there is no way in this world that I would let them lay their life on the line while I have breath in my body and the ability to fight. I love all women and I do not believe that there are any rights that I have that my wife doesn’t have and if I did, I would fight to ensure she got them. Because we ARE equal. You are without a doubt the biggest coward alive. You hide behind you keyboard and tell blatant lies. You try to sway people to your side without giving them the full story. The truth is, your a sick man and you are currently in rehab and you obviously aren’t getting the help you need because you are a habitual relapser.

        • Tom McMasters-Stone

        • February 4, 2017 at 5:33 am
        • Reply

        I didn’t fraud the Ranch out of $12k by lying about my sobriety- I paid my way every time. You got your spot by kissing the old man’s ass, because you couldn’t manage your way out of a wet paper bag.

        • Tom McMasters-Stone

        • February 4, 2017 at 5:57 am
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        Oh, and what a pathetic, spineless attempt to “out” me. I have written extensively about my journey- everybody knows I am at the Ranch, everybody knows I have drank at more than one of my rehabs. I love when somebody uses the word coward about somebody behind their keyboard when THEY talk big behind their keyboard- especially when they are a convicted felon. I am so sorry your younger brother used to kick your ass- that must be so painful for you, and it clearly still has a big impact on your psyche. But I will not soil these pages with any more replies to your worthless bullshit- one habitual relapser to another, right?

      • Mary M Davis

      • February 3, 2017 at 1:02 pm
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      Agreed, I know both parties often lapse into rather vulgar name calling when they can no longer rationally think of valid discussion points, and we have never before been more polarized, yet when emotions are wiped out of the controversy’s, most of the time we are all wanting the same thing, and are fighting the same thing. What is so sad is so many people are so locked into the “But YOU voted for …..!” as if we tore off the heads of babies and ate them or something. For god sakes, unless you stood behind me in that booth you have no clue who or if I voted at all, and even if I did you don’t know my true reasoning behind it. THIS one election, it isn’t the person you voted for that matters, it’s the mindset behind that choice we need to find and build our communities on from there. The main reason I say this is I personally realized while I was behind Bernie, I do not “fit” any party. I am a multigenerational Democrat that literally quit following them in 2009-2010 when DWS started pulling her shenanigans on the Progressives running for offices. But then realized I was part Progressive, part Libertarian, so did that make me an Independent? But I have always been a Women’s and Children’s activist as far as fighting for the underdog, and anyone who was not able to fight their own fights, disabled, LGBTQ especially those that are in situations they can’t use their voices for fear of retaliation. Those causes cover all parties/races, cultures, genders, ages, etc. Yet I was often attacked as a (bleaping) Liberal. LOL I always thought to myself, “I’m ok with that as long as I’m not whatever the hell you are.”

      But I do love how your stalker followed you here to “rag” on you some more (Please be aware he just broke all those wonderful confidentiality laws, hopefully he WAS a paid staffer, if you choose to let his bosses see this post.). I too was raised in the south and that’s a common phrase kinda like “Like hell you will”, as we walk out the door anyway. It’s why so many of us left after the 70’s to be free to choose our own path, and why we are ramping up to ensure we don’t lose any more rights this go round either.

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